CategoryDomains a $151,000 Domain Now Live


Mid of this year GoDaddy auctioned a domain for $151000 which is equivalent to an approx Cr 1.1 in INR. This kind of money can get you a fully furnished house or decent living here. Now, this site is live is inviting you, the content creators to join in. “For content creators earning money 💰 sucked for years. But we fixed it 🚀! With Fanbase it will be super-easy to monetize your reach...

Amul gets brand protection from high court for domain names


Amul gets legal protection from the High Court for its domain name and trademark. The court has Court (HC) has issued a blanket injunction restraining all registrars of domain names from selling domain names from selling domain name ‘Amul’ as a prefix or suffix in any combination. This is mostly done to protect the brand name and protect people from falling to the fake and fraudulent activities...

I am looking at the gTLD .bond and should I be owning one?


ShortDot is the current owner of the .bond gTLD extension, who also owns the .icu and .cyou extensions. Currently as per the ntldstats there are about 102 domains already registered. The cheapest price for a new domain is about $ 710, so is the renewal and transfers at Edomains. I know there are these two domains that are in the open market which do make sense are JAMES.BOND and 007.BOND. Which...

What Is Top Level Domain (TLD) [Must Know]


We all go online, ever wonder What is Top Level Domain (gTLDs, ccTLDs or sTLDs) and their importance with the domain name. If you are not internet savvy you must be wondering what is this silly guy talking about. I am talking about the last part of your favorite website name (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .IN, .ME, .CLUB) there is a total of 1584 of them and these are just the first level. There is also the...

What To Do After Buying A Domain Name? 9 Amazing Things To Do


Now that you own a domain, what to do after buying a domain name? Firstly, congrats on your domain. This is the first step to get online. I know when you buy a domain name for the first time it is confusing and a simple question arises in mind of every domain owner “I Have Bought A Domain Name How Do I Use It” So, in this article, you are going to find 9 amazing things that can be done with a...

How To Choose A Domain Name [Tips & Tricks]


How to choose a domain name is one thing that comes to every new business or person’s mind. It is very crucial to select the perfect name. As it a unique identity that one holds in the online world. I am just giving out some ideas and tips that would help in selecting a great brandable identity online. These are just guidelines and not a rule and apply to most of the users but not all. Why do you...

How To Search and Find A Domain Name?


A domain name is a unique identity for your blog or website online. To search and find a domain name can be tough and frustrating. A domain name can be a letter, number, hyphens or a mix of all. Let me put it this way that domain name is an address to your blog. It is very important to understand the importance of having a correct domain name. Most of the premium domains, if you search now, are...