Multiple sites on the same VPS (WordPress and Ghost)


Ghost is making me learn server management and sudo terms. I did switch this site to a shared hosting account but on the side hand was still trying to figure out VPS. Today, I ended up hosting 3 sites on a single VPS, one WordPress and the other two Ghost. With SSL and WWW. redirect on all three of them. Now, let me tell you even the 1 GB memory on the VPS is coming out to be less for all three...

I had to upgrade my server and reset ghost


It has just been five days and I had to upgrade my virtual server, here is the thing the lowest and the cheapest don’t work. I went on a wild search for a perfect home for my site, I just wanted a reliable and cheap hosting service. After all that search, I end up at the same place where I started. There is nothing as cheap, the cost of having a personal blog on a reliable host has gone to...

How to choose a web hosting provider [Tips]


We have too many options these days. This makes the question of how to choose a web hosting provider a bit more complex. There are full-service providers to discounted offering all over the net. Now you don’t even need your physical presence to host your site or blog. The most important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a hosting provider is service, security, speed and...

What is Web Hosting and it’s Types?


What is web hosting, it is the next most important part after a domain. Yes, a lot of people have a misconception that if they buy a domain, they can get their sites or blogs online. No, you cannot just a domain will not help in any way. To get your presence online you need both of the domain and web hosting. In this post, I am going to explain the basic of web hosting and its importance and...

Migrating WordPress to Amazon Lightsail


Starting a new WordPress website on Amazon Lightsail it is easy. One just has to login or open an account on Amazon Web Services, put in your payment details and choose the region for your instance, select the application and the plan of the instance. You have your blog up and running. For the first time, the login user is “User” and the password is in the installation for that you have to...

Cheap web hosting plans and companies


Cheap web hosting is what we all are looking for our websites. I too was into searching for one and by far there are few companies that are offering cheap host plans. Please do remember that we can’t have everything from all over the world. We do have to compromise on a few of the aspects. I am currently hosting with GoDaddy which is pretty good but the issue with GoDaddy is that with an...

About Amazon Web Service the cloud computing


These days I am hooked on the Amazon web service as it is giving out a one-year free service. Well at first look it looks very technical with all the new call terms. Now by just the look of the dashboard, one would definitely switch off and leave. There are just so many options to choose and is definitely not like the traditional hosting service we use. We usually get Cpanel with our hosting plan...