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SPAM Will Kill Me One Day


I have 789 SPAM SMS and 597 emails unread over and above I get at least 3 to 4 calls every day. Hey, I am not interested in a loan or a credit card or a house. Same companies keep calling, keep sending emails. Sir, would you be interested in a home loan, like to have a credit card. What is wrong with them I just don’t understand. I know they have a huge workforce. still, why do they want to...

Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame


The new Avengers Endgame movie is just amazing. But I am just a bit disappointed with the end but with the time travel in the picture, anything is possible. Well, I am not the person to watch this movie but what will happen to my favourite hero character. I know the cast can change but the character lives on like the hero in the game. The movie has amazing action, storyline and visual effects. A...

Make Money Online is Shady Business


Make Money Online only if it was that easy. It is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. There are millions and millions of great sites on the web. Not all sites make money online. Even those sites which state we make cash online keep on giving proof. Here is what one should really know about money-making sites. Most of these Make Money Online sites are rigged and one would lose money just...

Organized my online accounts today


Organized my online accounts today. Linking is so important and my link was a mess. Today I got approval to monetise this site and organized most of the links. Had to delete the G+ account for MH and was given some no-follow backlinks. As it’s gonna be closed soon so doesn’t really matter much. Now things look so organized, MH and TL are part of this site down below. Now the total...

Thinking Inter Change with Themes


It is just on my mind to Inter-Change the themes from one blog to others brings out a lot of work at the back end. Would do that after a couple of more posts as that will give me some room to play with it. It is not difficult to change the problem if styling later on the theme takes time and effort. Most of the themes look absolutely fabulous when you go and buy from the market. But as soon as we...

Last year end with a bang and 2019 just started


Well last year for me ended with a bang, lost my car. Yea it got stolen and all this happened right below my place. Really never thought this could have happened. Anyhow always be careful, what every car companies say about top-notch security system there will always be a hack. Keep your insurance up to date and take all necessary precautions and if it still has to happen it will. Run to the...

Bring down the posts on this site and routine thinking


Well, have decided that will bring down the posts on this site and will give it a new look. The plan is to change the menu section and change the theme. I have been working on a few of the projects which need a little more attention and this blog needs a makeover. I am also thinking of working vacation. Need a break to recharge there is a long way to the sea. Worked on both sites today hopeful...