How to choose a web hosting provider [Tips]


We have too many options these days. This makes the question of how to choose a web hosting provider a bit more complex. There are full-service providers to discounted offering all over the net. Now you don’t even need your physical presence to host your site or blog. The most important things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a hosting provider is service, security, speed and...

How To Choose A Domain Name [Tips & Tricks]


How to choose a domain name is one thing that comes to every new business or person’s mind. It is very crucial to select the perfect name. As it a unique identity that one holds in the online world. I am just giving out some ideas and tips that would help in selecting a great brandable identity online. These are just guidelines and not a rule and apply to most of the users but not all. Why do you...

Blogging Problems: You Should Know Before Starting


Blogging is an excellent way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with the word. Writing blogs helps you in acquiring domain knowledge, perfecting your language, connect you with like headed community or even make money. All this comes with the common blogging problems that you should consider before starting your own blog. There are millions of blogs online and hundred of blogs go online or go...

Free Blogging Platform: Blogging With No Money


Starting a blog can be difficult and complicated if you have never started a site before. At times what we imagine out of the blog the outcome is not what we desire. Blogging is a great way to connect with the world. A free blogging platform is a perfect way to get started with no cost on your pocket. Having your own domain and hosting is ultimate but before you spend try your hand on these...

Migrating WordPress to Amazon Lightsail


Starting a new WordPress website on Amazon Lightsail it is easy. One just has to login or open an account on Amazon Web Services, put in your payment details and choose the region for your instance, select the application and the plan of the instance. You have your blog up and running. For the first time, the login user is “User” and the password is in the installation for that you have to...