History of Blogging


Blogging has come a long way and is now an integral part of online culture. Blogs have undergone incredible transformations and sometimes it seems like everyone has a blog. Everyone is reading blogs let it be official news blogs or any other topic related blogs. Before we start with the history of blogging, we should know that the World Wide Web became publicly available in the year 1991. The...

Boosting WordPress Website Speed is Easy


WordPress Website Speed actually matters a lot in the web world. I just boosted mine and it’s not that difficult to do so. What happens is a lot of clutter makes the site speed go down. It took me one day to speed things up I was hitting a speed of 17.4 seconds which has now reduced to 5.7 seconds. Now, to reduce the site speed load time one just has to carefully look at the parameters and...

I am a Web Domain Freak!!!


Well, I am a Web Domain Freak and have been buying and selling web domains for some time now. As a result, I now have 11 domains excluding this one. Most of the domains I currently have are mentioned below. Some of these domains are offline and ready for use for any purpose. If you are interested in any below domains contact me and we will find a solution;  filmvilla.com dnp.xyz eyr.xyz imq.in...