by Shaan Chopra

Hi, do you want to contact me? Then you can connect with me over any of the social networks. I want to add a contact form here but over the years I have noticed that only SPAM emails are getting generated. So I have decided to put the form away.

The best way is to send me a message via Twitter (X) because that’s where I am most active.

I hope you understand, SPAM is mostly generated by BOTs and I really don’t want to fight a machine that will not stop.

Also, I am running WordPress which means adding more plugins, That I don’t want to and I would like to limit them. I am on shared hosting but planning to shit to a VPS, now for mail configuration on VPS is a nightmare.

So, my goal here is not to limit real human interactions the goal is to limit the SPAM, limit the plugins and limit transactional emails.