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Shaan Chopra

Happy and smiling somewhere in this Carzy World.

About Me

Hi there and welcome to my HTML site. I’m Shaan Inder Chopra. I pretty much always had a knack for Internet stuff.

Born and raised in India. I have been working on a few of my projects from a micro niche and others having a larger audience. I am just playing with the internet, and all other free tools out in the wild on this site. Sometimes, I get amazed at the findings and outcomes.

I put some of my findings on this site and of course all my personal thoughts as well. Further, it doesn’t stop me from creating more sites and work on them. So, stay tuned and catch up on the latest.

So what's New?

Let’s start by thanking the previous owner for dropping the domain name. Which also happens to be my first and last name. I waited for almost two years for this to happen.

These days having an online presence is very crucial. With the ever-growing population first names (.com) will most of the time be out of market or be very expensive to buy. Owning your first and the second name (.com) comes to the next best in current scenario.

I am yet to decide what I would do with this domain name as I am already using my first name (.me) for my blog. I don’t want to just forward this domain name to that blog or any other social profile page. So, I am just creating this static site using plain simple HTML and CSS.

Hobbies & Interests

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