It’s going to be Ghost with Alibaba Cloud that’s final

by Shaan Chopra

It’s almost a week since I took this domain off the static HTML page. In the meantime, I have been trying different hosts and apps for this blog, and nothing has come even close to NameCheap’s hosting and WordPress. I know there is an ocean of services out there but I am also running on a budget and I can not keep on spending on every service out there in the market.

The only app that comes close to WordPress is Ghost and to be very honest it’s difficult to start with and as an end user less customizable. Yes if you are a nontechnical person like me, you will have a tough time figuring out how to install Ghost. If you are on a cPanel don’t even think about it, you need a better computing machine for this app. After using WP for such a long time any other app would look like an alien. Ghost from the outside looks impressive and very clean, from the inside as well. The dashboard of ghost is very clean compared to WP.

For customizing the Ghost theme or the core files you should know a bit of coding. At least if something goes wrong you should know what happened and where to look. Now, that is not easy because you are working on the terminal, ok now you should also know a bit about sudo commands. For me, Ghost is like buying a car and not knowing how to change a tire. That’s not the case with WP at least I know how to back up and restore the whole system.

Alibaba’s simple application server to simple cPanel hosting I have tried both and again I am always worried about the pay-as-you-go system. Nothing is better than a good sleep. If you know how the pricing of the VPS, cloud, CDN, network, bandwidth, storage, etc works, good for you. I don’t have a clue. Most of the cPanel hosting I have tried, all start with a huge discount the first year and bomb you the second year onward. NameCheap‘s hosting is the most economical and reliable I have found, this is my fourth year with them. Also, forgot to mention in VPS and cloud you also need to configure the mail server which is another ball game. cPanel you get it just by clicking a few buttons.

Also, the most significant advantage is the visual aspect of cPanel compared to the blinking terminal. I don’t know to tell you, how easy it is to download and upload things in cPanel. I don’t even know how to do this on VPS or the cloud some use software such as FileZilla which I was to date unable to do. I am still figuring out things in my way about all these issues. Till now I have been on the side of WP and cPanel but I need to try something new at least. Which could be Ghost and Virtual cloud so I have decided to give it a shot. Just to be safe I have kept my files on cPanel and going to see if I can somehow put an alert trigger on the cloud system to limit my cost.

Here is my first blog Hello World if you are interested in reading.

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