I hate leaving money on the trade table

by Shaan Chopra

I am mad at myself today just because I left a lot of money on the table. This is the exact same feeling that we get after winning a rat race. If I show you the chart I was trading and my trades you are going to laugh. Even a kid would have made more money in today’s trade. Today was just a single-side win situation and bull were in action. Let me show you the chart which I was on;

State Bank of India (5-min view)

Yes, I was trading State Bank of India today and I don’t see any downward movement. It just went from 364 to 384. Hey, it’s pandemic time and I don’t have anything else to do, so I trade. That’s the best I can do to keep myself busy, thanks to the crypto world the markets are open 24*7. Now, let’s get back to today’s foolish trade decision I took a long position at 369.95 that’s because it bounces off the R1 and had a bullish candle look at the chart below and you would understand why I got in at A;

State Bank of India (5-min view)

Now it would be clear the first red candle had a bounce at R1 the second green candle also not breaching the R1 closes higher and when I saw the third candle show the bullish strength, I took the trade. Here comes the sad part I got out at point B 372.45 and this is what is making me feel that I left a lot of money on the table. Almost 10 whole points left on the table I just took 2 points home.

State Bank of India (5-min view)

Only if I would have waited a bit longer things would have been different. Anyhow last two weeks were super great made a domain sale of (UFO.XYZ) for 100$ which I bought about 6 months ago for 15$. Bought another domain on the Godaddy Auctions, which I am considering developing. In the crypto bought some Cardano, Shiba, and Polkadot hoping to sell them at profit.

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