Cyberwar between the centralized and decentralized world

by Shaan Chopra

We keep saying wars are different from the past now, from physical to mental and now there is this hidden cyberwar between the centralized and decentralized world. Most of the common people are unaware but it is happening, you just need to look closely. If I would have been the commander I would do the same, first, crush the money system, second destroy the communication, third start a value stream, and what is next is in the future. Let me explain to you in detail what I feel and I might be wrong but it is we who need to decide.

Crushing The Money System

The world is made of people, then to survive people created countries so-called economies, wherewith the help of demand and supply everything is traded (Bought and Sold) from Food to weapons. Money/currency and commodity are the main streams for this kind of structure. In the centralized world, money is being managed by a regulating authority that can further control the commodity. But wait here comes decentralized cryptocurrency which can be bought from the same money that was created to keep a check on the commodity. Just like normal money these cryptocurrencies are traded, bought, sold swapped on the exchanges.

Not long ago just 5 to 8 years in the past cash was the only medium for buying major products and services. Now with the help of digitization digital money is acceptable in most of the places. It goes further some are accepting cryptocurrency for the exchange. It just takes time to get people to acclimatize to the new way and that is happening as we speak.

Now if I look closely, money could buy this cryptocurrency and from the same crypto value that I have, I am able to buy something of the same value it is more like the reward program. But it is not what is happening the cryptocurrency value is being decided on the trading exchange and I am able to buy more because the value has increased. Human actions are based on fear and greed. So, more and more people are making the switch from traditional money to cryptocurrency. This is a kind of incentive that people are getting for the early switch.

The same concept of burning money has been applied in the past by major companies especially e-coms. They lowered the prices and people got hooked. Cryptocurrency is doing the same. So, let’s consider this situation where I have 10$, and from this money, I buy 1-bit cryptocurrency in 5 days this 1-bit becomes 20$. I would only be a fool not get in this business.

Destroy The Communication

In cyberwar, communication is one important part. After the money system next is communication and this is happening look at the handshake and domain NFTs. They are still new to the system but are true. A whole new decentralized world of the web is being created as people are calling it web 3. I am not a very tech person but when I look at this market a lot of people are on it. Recently NameCheap a domain registrar bought p/ handshake just for 375,000 $HNS which is equivalent to $233,775.

It is simple to get these NFT’s just go online buy them and push them on the decentralized network. Most of the common people would not understand the NFT’s and I am one of them but how can we get to know about them. The only way is to get your hands dirty so I too went and bought a .crypto domain. I’ll write about it in a different post. The more important part is I too have a decentralized domain. Just like me, there are many more.

Just like the old system where it is IP address and DNS, just to make it human interactive, similarly, in the decentralized world, the long string is being converted to human interactive names. For normal domains, I am actually renting these from the registrar (.com, .net, and so on) I pay a renewal fee every year. But the these NFT domains I just have to pay once and they are mine forever. Again I would be a fool not to get a lifetime domain and if I am able to get a site and mail address to it. Crazy I can not imagine what will happen to all those freeware applications.

Start a Value Stream

For any economy it is important to have a value stream, what I want to say is a system where the value is being created. In the decentralized world, it all started with mining, next in line are NFT’s. People are buying domains, arts, games and much more are in line for the future. The mainstream commodities are already being traded with cryptocurrency. Now I can only ask you to step back and look at the whole scenario that I am trying to explain. That there is a cyberwar between the centralized and decentralized world.

Power-hungry regulating authorities are no longer in control of this system, I would say this ecosystem is small but is catching popularity. This cyberwar is being fought online without any physical contact and without any casualties but in the future can have devastating consequences. This system has the power to build and destroy the whole countries economy.

I know some will disagree with me but this is the future.

Some of the places where one can buy these NFT’s domains are unstoppabledomains, namebase, for emails ethmail these are just few that have come to my knowledge.

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