fanbase a $151,000 Domain Now Live

by Shaan Chopra

Mid of this year GoDaddy auctioned a domain for $151000 which is equivalent to an approx Cr 1.1 in INR. This kind of money can get you a fully furnished house or decent living here. Now, this site is live is inviting you, the content creators to join in.

β€œFor content creators earning money πŸ’° sucked for years. But we fixed it πŸš€! With Fanbase it will be super-easy to monetize your reach just by doing what you love πŸ’•: Publishing content 🀳 and communicating πŸ’¬ with your fans. Request an invite and get early access to your new revenue stream πŸ’Έ before we open to all content creators.”

Going over the site the domain is owned by a German company Fanbase GmbH, and checking out the social media links. Where Fanbase has 85 likes on Facebook, 834 followers on Instagram, and 23 followers on Twitter. The first social post is on the 27th Oct on all three platforms.

I think that this site is going to be a site for content creators, it could be like Medium or YouTube where the creators can earn from their content and engage with their Fanbase. That is just my guess and we will come to know about the full-blown product and services only once the site is up and running full 100%.

The investment in the digital asset is huge and I would want to watch this domain to succeed. You can visit the FanBase site here.

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