Amul gets brand protection from high court for domain names

by Shaan Chopra

Amul gets legal protection from the High Court for its domain name and trademark. The court has Court (HC) has issued a blanket injunction restraining all registrars of domain names from selling domain names from selling domain name ‘Amul’ as a prefix or suffix in any combination. This is mostly done to protect the brand name and protect people from falling to the fake and fraudulent activities that take place in the digital space. 

The Amul brand is owned by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd and currently uses a of course it’s

I am sure there has to be more to the legal action because this order from the court if applied to other brands could be the end of two letter domain names. For example which is currently owned by Barnes & Noble, currently owned by Disney and which is owned by Zee Entertainment, this could lead to the same order on, and

Trade Mark complaints and judgement have happened in the past but this kind of an order is new and I Just can’t stop laughing at this absurd order, which just shows how the judicial system lacks the knowledge of digital space. I am just wondering if we can even go a step further where the court can order Google to remove all the search results that have the word Amul in it. I really want to know if the judge who gave this amazing order has ever in his life bought a domain name or even know how they work.

In my opinion the correct way should have been ordering the cyber cell and the banks to act and close the sites/bank accounts which are not able to explain their business. A blanket ban on the word makes no sense at all. 

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