Changed My Domain Name For The Last Time

by Shaan Chopra

The day finally arrived when I change or shut down the SHAAN.ME domain. So, everything that was there on that domain is now redirected to this site. I must say what gibberish I was writing on that site. Now I have to spend some time correcting all those old posts. It was not easy to transfer all the trash from there to here.

The journey started from the .CH which was locked to geolocation Switzerland, to .ME and finally my FNLN.COM (First Name Last Name). For good domain names, one has to wait for the drop or acquire them from the current owner. If the name is going to get dropped then it’s better not to alert the owner.

When I was going over the old posts that were supposed to be transferred, I realised that I should pay a good amount of attention to the primary domain. It’s difficult to change all those links and the post texts. Sometimes you write taking examples of your own domain name and if you dropped that domain or changed it, then everything is a mess.

A few things that should be given extra thought;

Primary Domain Name

Give a long thought to the primary domain, don’t end up like me changing the domain names. The primary domain should be one that is renewed for at least 5 to 6 years. Multiple-year renewal will give you mental peace. I also didn’t do it till I started looking at some of the personal sites that I follow were renewed for 5 years. When I did the same I have no pressure of renewal dates.

Once you start writing and linking on a primary domain it is important that they are locked for good. I now wonder after 2 years where did I mention my .ME domain, should I go back and change it all to current or leave it as it was.

Always give a long view on your primary domain, because over the years you do use the domain at multiple places and changing it will have its effects.

Concentrate On The Articles

I was writing gibberish on my site, I should have paid more attention to what I was writing about. Take a day or two to publish an article, make sure you don’t have to back and edit them too often. Look at me if you look at my first or the second post, it’s really bad now I have to go back and redo them.

Content creation is difficult and I should pay more attention. Article submission can be once a week or once a month but it should be good.

Pay attention to the format of the images, and their names, some jpg, some, png some webp also the names of the alt tags. Please look at them carefully.

Good Links

Keep a track of the links that you are referring to, sometimes they change. The whole site changes completely, what was free is now paid. So tracking the links you put in the articles is a good way to keep the post current.

I have hundreds of links that are no longer the same so I have to change them all, only I would have seen this coming.

Also when you do internal inking, if you change the domain name you have to change them too. That can be a bit of a problem if you have too many articles.

In my personal opinion choose your primary domain name very carefully and give a good amount of time writing an article.

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