Started Migrating Thin Sites into One

by Shaan Chopra

The new year starts with the migration of thin content sites into one. Having too many sites in the same niche is difficult to manage. So, I have decided that I will shut all the same content sites and redirect them to one. I have started using this site as my daily, fast post site. I just write what is in my mind on this site.

This site I started as a test site but I think it is becoming more and more of a daily log-style of site. I don’t mind that, I have come to know that the more you write the more clarity you get. That is because we think something and we forget, but when you write it sticks.

Now firstly there should be no linking between sites. The FNSN in .COM is my long personal version, the .NET is the tech and code-based site and this one is my daily based logs. All other domains and sites need to go.

This will also help in reducing the pressure on the servers as well. I will have more space and resources for niche sites. Not to forget the time saving I will do.

I am only talking about my personal sites, not the niche sites, they will stay as they are, still unlinked.

Recently got some premium versions of themes, Generatepress I know the other theme I really don’t know. Plus when you don’t have content on the site you don’t come to the potential of the theme. So, I have to start generating content on the niche site.

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