Edit & The Wait for New Laptop

by Shaan Chopra

Just edited this theme a little bit, one title was looking a bit dull so added excerpts. Now at least the front page is looking a bit full. I am also waiting for my new laptop to arrive during this period. Which should arrive before 9 PM as per the delivery schedule.

I also added the RankMath plugin on this and the .COM site and removed Yoast. Need to see how good this plugin is compared to Yoast. I am also a bit curious about the Jetpack plugin as it states brute force attacks on the website. On one of my sites, I changed the default login page. How would the attack still happen when the default is changed?

Just to counter this I can add 2FA on the site. Then it should technically solve the problem. But the same plugin that changes the login page makes the CSS inline and defers the JAVA Scripts from loading.

On this site I am choosing the plugins very carefully, if Jetpack is of no use then will toss it out. For any plugins in that matter, I want to keep the site as lite as possible. This also becomes a model for my other sites.

I am also looking for DDR4 to add to my new laptop, 4GB is just too low. I have shortlisted certain but then it’s just adding to the cost.

Also, will be doing the overall organisation of all sites in the future, it’s planned but when is the question? I am a bit of a control freak and I am seeing a lot of breadcrumbs I am leaving. These fragments all over the place need to go or get in line.

And it’s time for my evening walk so rest of the update once the laptop arrives and after the walk.

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