Cheap cPanel hosting and a WP theme

by Shaan Chopra

Today was interesting did some posting on the other blogs. Watched some parts of the semi-final match between Aus vs SAF. So it is going to be India vs Australia in the finals this Sunday. So, no work on Sunday, it is going to be only cricket.

I finally bought cheap cPanel hosting from HostBlast again. No particular reason but I should not keep all the eggs in one basket. On this hosting just going to shift some low volume and new blogs. I also bought a new cheap theme for one of my blogs from Themeforest called Float by myTheme.

People say cheap hosting has problems but I have used HostBlast so many times and never had a problem. It is cheap and I know there will be some quality issues as well but it is fine for the blogs that will be hosted there. I think when one is starting a new blog or a site one should be price-conscious till you don’t start earning some revenue.

Let’s talk about the theme it is no rings or bells it is mostly a very simple theme. I did some CSS work on it just to my liking. I do have some questions which I have sent the creator. I should hear from him soon.

I am also looking at two .xyz domains if they expire. I am still debating if backorder should be done or let them expire.

I am also thinking of learning a new language and a bit of coding. I get this kind of feeling a lot bet it never materializes hopefully this time it will.

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