I bought a .ch domain and India reached the finals

by Shaan Chopra

What a game today with New Zealand, at one point it was looking like they might chase the score. The whole day I did not move a muscle from the chair. Finally, India is in the finals. One more match to go now.

I also bought a .ch domain today. The domain is nothing great, I had it back in 2018 but dropped it when I shifted to the .me TLD. I repurchased it today. Have written a post but is incomplete as most of the time today was spent watching the match.

It is been a while .ch domain terms of single-year renewal have not yet changed. I don’t know why would any registry do such a thing. It should at least allow a 5-year period renewal. One year is just not right. If Google looks at long-term renewal as an indicator for SEO then this TLD will be the worst.

For the rest of the day, whatever is left of it, will be spent completing the blog post.

Now let’s get back to work.

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