Another .COM for Development Stockmarket Niche

by Shaan Chopra

Yesterday handreggd a .COM in the stockmarket niche, the plan is to develop it. I spend most of my time on the stock market then why not have a site on that? If I check the history of the name it has been registered a couple of times but has no significant backlinks issue.

The niche I am selecting is very saturated and has a lot of competition. See the site in the ranking matrix will take longer than usual. Here the content part is crucial if that is good the site should have no issues. The only thing I want to now figure out is the structure.

I prefer the .COM over any other TLD but if that is taken I have to get creative. Some names are just so good that they will sell like hotcakes in any extension. The only problem with the .COM is that most of the good or even the decent names are taken. Not for development but for the secondary market.

Now, when a person has an idea, just an idea it’s difficult to start with a good domain name. They usually start with a lousy name then later if they have money then shift and I see a lot of .NET’s they have not shifted. The major reason behind this is that they are happy with the domain name they have.

There are a lot of good names that get dropped every day, and again get registered. Just keep tracking the domains that are shortlisted. Eventually, all undeveloped names will get dropped and there are reasons behind it. Keeping a domain undeveloped is a cost that no one wants to pay.

If you look closely even 3 letter domains get dropped in .COM.

Now I am going to start working on the domain and develop it so that it starts generating some revenue.

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