Two word .com to

by Shaan Chopra

I just finished the migration to a better name, Go is definitely a preferred pre-fix but when you have a better name then why not use it? The ccTLD .in version of BharatiyaNagarik is reserved by nixi. I did see a bit of traffic before the change. Most of the migration is done, but small changes are still being processed.

Other than this, I picked up some new domains listed on DAN. One of my domains is in underpayment pending mode at DAN. Which I think will not be completed, as a result, I am not no longer offering the “make an offer” option. It is going to be only BIN.

Also, for the two names that I had back-ordered, one of those names I was able to hand reg it and the other I deleted the backorder. I think I am better with the ccTLD of that name. Now I need to organise myself for generating content on the running sites. This is very important, blogs without content are useless.

I have also noticed that I am a bit addicted to Twitter, and not able to concentrate much on the creation part. I now need to reduce my time on the stupid bird.

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