Merging everything of the .xyz to the main blog

by Shaan Chopra

So, yesterday India lost the World Cup finals, which is not the end I was expecting. India had a good run but the final match was not that good. So, now we wait for the next World Cup. I also managed to merge everything from the site to this blog. Everything other than the first Hello World is now under the Journal category. The first post I just removed it completely.

I was just wondering rather than looking after two blog sites, it will be better to concentrate on a single blog. So, if there is something for everyday posts that should go under the journal. Now, everything will here no other site, only if there is something very technical like codes will be posted on the .net.

I have now moved so many times I can not even remember, from to and other sites data. It sometimes feels like I am writing less on this blog and most of the post is from merging. So, after this, there are only two places one is the .com (this one) and .net which is an HTML site. This I would like to keep I do not post much over there but it remains as it is for now.

Had to do a bit of a CSS change for the way these daily posts look. I am not planning to add feature images to these posts so they would look different when the theme is optimised for images. I was unable to get the post and the date in one line but that I am ready to live with.

On the personal front, I have recently started learning a new language and also added two more domains for backorder.

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