New theme and update on the Domainingx

by Shaan Chopra

Today, I installed a new theme on this site and updated a few things on the I bought a few themes from Themeforest in the past. Which were unused so I added one here called Typology by Meks. Also did some cleanup internally which has given me some clarity.

On the personal end, went for a haircut today and need to take care of whatever is left.

Coming to the I tested the contact form 7 where no transactional emails are sent everything is stored on the DB. I have to now concentrate on adding content to the site also same goes for the other sites. See the ideas in my mind are worth nothing, till they are executed.

My plan is very simple I need to add more and more content period.

I bought at least 5 to 6 domains in last week alone and all of them are now pointing to the domainingx site. I now have to just find a way to make the site interactive. I am also seeing a traffic surge on the site. That is bound to happen as people are trying to find a good name every day.

As people are typing I need to find a way to monetize the site so that sales also happen. I also wonder if I could do everything on one domain as in on I don’t know if that will be a good choice or bad. I have created a lot of content on the other sites that could be on one. But that also dilutes the category on the site. I don’t know if posting on politics and domains or technology on the same site makes any sense.

Now I have decided to write on this site every day. Something like a daily journal as I see it does help as per YouTube gurus. There is no harm in trying, I am going to just jot down my thoughts here. I am trying to use the technology to my advantage. Let’s see how that works out. Now I just want to fix a time in the evening to complete this task every day. I will also try to use the WP app on my cell if that can make things even more easy.

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