Where does the .net domain stand?

by Shaan Chopra

I just picked up a few .net domains, I wonder where the .net TLD stand. People state .com is the best and according to the TLD stats .com is at the top and .net is on the 6th position. 2nd to 5th position is taken by ccTLD. In which direction are we heading with the TLDs.

In my opinion .com>.net>.org>.xyz should be the correct order and .org being used for specific use only. Seeing ccTLDs with so many registrations does put a question in my mind. I still believe that .net is a sleeping giant that has not reached its potential.

Over the past few days I have seen .com have been taken and put up for sale in the domaining world. Where .net and .org are still available to register. It is a bit strange why are people giving so much importance to .com when .net should also do the same work.

My question is are not giving proper due to .net domains? If we are buying a .com for further selling would it not be nice to club it with .net and .org domains? If creating a brand and identity is so important then when not club the other TLDs together.

The domains I bought are for further selling but one or two I would like to develop into blogs. Let’s see how that works out.

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