Stuck Between Two Great Looking Themes

by Shaan Chopra

Well, today just updated the back end for this site as well as the server. I am now stuck between two themes. Both the themes that I have selected are minimalistic and perfect for this site. How did I get stuck here?

I’m not able to decide which theme to start with. The major difference is blocks or no blocks. One theme is Beaumont by Anders Norén and the other is Arke by Danny Cooper. I found both would be great for blogs that have no or fewer images.

They are responsive, fast and lite, I ran Google page speed and both have the same stats.

If I have to look at both of them they are also similar in structure, single column. I am still looking at some more themes but these two are already in my theme section. Both the themes are also free so no issues there.

I did have an incident on ThemeForest where one of the themes I bought is no longer available. That’s a bit of an issue if I have bought a good theme and after a year the theme gets removed then money was just burned.

I have contacted the developer asking him if that theme will ever come back. Now my question is if I bought a theme should it not be available forever? I supported the developer but that’s not working.

Should I shift to these free themes and support them more? Both the above themes have no pro version they are actually the full versions. So why should I not support those who are actually using the GPL correctly?

Anyway, I am going with Beaumont till I find something better

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