Hunt for a New Laptop

by Shaan Chopra

This is the wild goose chase I have been on several times, and it’s still a pain. The perfect dilemma of cost, functionality and needs. The new permutation and combination make it even harder. Some brands and technology never heard of.

My present laptop is i3 5gen, very old and getting slower. I need a new laptop badly. In the past, I have tried, Dell, HP and currently on Lenovo. I really like my current laptop the Thinkpad series.

The newer version that I like is 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD, when It comes to numbers it’s lower than my current. But it is the newer technology and 11gen I don’t know if it’s a deal or not but will definitely upgrade the RAM to a minimum of 8GB.

Then there are these brands that I have never heard of where did they come from and are they any good? A laptop is such an item that one should be very sure what they are buying.

Now I have to make a choice Thinkpad or Thinkbook, I am looking at a lot of reviews and videos and am still confused.

My previous experience with the Thinkpad has been really great and if all goes well I will have the laptop by the next day.

One major issue I see is the cost of DDR4 that’s expensive too. I was hoping to add my existing RAM to the new one but my current one is on DDR3. Also in the newer version, there is only one slot.

That makes me wonder if should I buy a new RAM or get it changed from the shop which might get a tiny exchange. Which will also come in the same range if the person charges labour costs.

This is something I really hate to choose between two gadgets.

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