Picked my first .blog domain

by Shaan Chopra

Yesterday I picked my first .blog domain, now I have too many of these in different TLDs. This .blog domain also happens to be my first name. Automattic owns this particular TLD which is also the parent company for WordPress.com. I kind of like it and I should put a blog on this and that is what it is meant for.

According to ntldstats this gTLD is in the 26th position. People actually prefer to put their blogs on legacy TLD as far as I have seen. You hardly find .blog domain in Google search very often. That also does not mean this .blog is not good. This also has a lot of potential similar to .XYZ or .IO or .GG.

I believe the newer generation does not care much about TLDs. They really want a good name and most of the good names on the legacy TLD are gone.

Just because of this everyone is innovating. I personally know a person whose first name is 3 letters and we call him by his initials which are 2 letters. This person will never be able to buy the .COM or .NET so what does he do? If he plans to put a blog out he is going to innovate.

Most of the blogs that are in the space “How to Start a Blog or WebSite? State buy a .COM, now this needs to change. Most of the good names are out of the market.

Adding to all this you also want to see if the other TLD’s are selling or not. If there is a genuine technical problem in the TLD it will like not sell. And please SPAM and Hackers love the TLD is not a technical problem. The new web3 domains like .x or .crypto have a technical issue they don’t resolve in browsers with a plugin. This is a genuine technical problem.

Over time I have noticed that I no longer give any preference to TLDs when I am searching for something.

Now what do I do with the new .blog domain, I’ll keep it as it is for now. Till I find a solution. My problem is good TLD’s drop late. I was looking for my First Name and Second Name in .COM, it was taken. Then I got .ME later a year .CO for free bought it too. Later .XYZ dropped and then First Name and Second Name the one I wanted initially got dropped. Now I have one too many.

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