Just got a notice for .ME price hike

by Shaan Chopra

I just received an email from, my registrar, that .ME ccTLD is going to increase the prices. Currently, I only own one .ME domain which costs me a renewal of $13.64. After the hike, the rate is going to be around $15-17.

Now, this is lower than the .CO but a hike is a hike. Where are going in this hike race? Should the registry be reducing the cost so that every person can have a domain and web presence? The overall cost of blogging is increasing, also one should keep in mind in the cost of dollar is also going up.

This hike is not small if you calculate the hike along with the dollar rate and the conversion charges plus taxes that is huge.

I see this yearly thing as a trap, why doesn’t the registry just increase the prices in one go? Let the consumer decide if they want to be on that TLD or shift early as possible.

The ccTLD ME is more like a personal domain but if it’s going to be expensive then people will shift to others. If a person is smart he will start calculating the cost and adding that .ME is a country code .XYZ is the next best option. Provided .COM .NET and .ORG are not available.

This hike is going to be effective from next year onwards.

Now, this leaves me only a few days to decide the fate of that domain name. I am also thinking that I should start a fixed deposit for every domain for my personal use. That will be painful in the short term but in the long term will do just great.I personally don’t like the price increases and really don’t know where are we going with this. I wish there would be a solution in line with what unstoppabledomains.com is doing with just a one-time payment.

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