Picked another .xyz domain

by Shaan Chopra

Domain names can burn your pockets, and here I just picked another .xyz. I could have just packed it or put it up for sale but I kinda like the name. So, today I just developed it for another blog also putting it up for negotiation if anyone wants it. I really don’t know how will I create content for all my sites but shall give it a try.

From my past experience, I have learned from my first site that once you have good-quality material you really don’t need to worry about the site. I spent a lot of time building backlinks for the first site, this time I am going to keep it clean. If anyone wants to give a link, I am grateful but will not spend time in doing so myself.

Going to concentrate more on the content part.

I am also not going to interlink my own sites, it is not going to be a private blogging network. I have already started to remove all interlinking from all sites.

The domain TLD is .xyz and also has numerals in it. I am going away from the traditional .com and .net and no numbers, which everyone backs. I would personally like to try if old and new TLD are any different. The .com version of the same domain is available at SEDO for $165000, which is expensive for my pocket at least.I am also very curious to know if I am able to work, do proper SEO for this site and rank it, will that bring the value of the .com version down? A lot of people say it will not but when an example is put to work then it would. Just look at “Dynamic” the .xzy and .com both are developed but the .xyz domain is ranked over the .com version for the word “Dynamic”.

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