Bullish on Cryptocurrency

by Shaan Chopra

Yes, I am totally bullish on cryptos as of now. Although most of my money is blocked in domains and stocks I am keeping a very small amount in cryptocurrency. Totally bullish on Doge, Ripple, Ethereum, and WazirX. These are like my favorite tokens to watch and trade. It is very normal to watch a 100 rupee stock go up and down 2-5% but what if that stock goes up 250%. That would be crazy and the same happened on the 04th of this month. Have a look at the chart below.


Point A I got in and B I got out, such a simple trade and It’s not luck that it went up. If you look at the history of the token the same thing happened on the 1st and 2nd from 55 levels went up to 145. The only thing that got me interested in the trade was the volume being trading in.


There is a spike in volume 10-12 times than it was from the 22nd to the 29th of last month. It is not just WRX it has happened with almost all the tokens I like to keep and trade. Have a look at Ripple below what an uptrend from 44 to 140 level. Again look at the volume being traded in the market it’s just mind-blowing.


Now that Coinbase is listed on the Nasdaq it an all-new ball game. We in our country are still struggling with cryptocurrency and the world has gone beyond in NFT’s and companies are getting listed. “AB DIGITAL BANEGA INDIA” and when digital walks in we immediately change to cash is the king.

We need to understand that some things in the digital world can not be regulated. People see regulations as a threat to freedom. I hope to see this change in the mindsets of people that will bring in the change we require. Now, please be careful trading off in any sort be in stocks or cryptos or anything else, it has its own risk.

Currently, we are facing the second wave of COVID-19 so take care, stay safe and keep on trading in cryptos.

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