Zippo With Lifetime Warranty


Here is a unique manufacturing company from Bradford, Pennsylvania, in the US founded in 1932. Zippo was the first metal lighter company that gave Lifetime Warranty on their lighters. This company currently has only one manufacturing unit but the products are available worldwide. This company has made itself so famous that Zippo is now a brand with products such as lighters, eyewear, watches...

Canon with 23% decline in camera sale


Canon came out with its first-quarter financial results for 2019. They are reporting a decline in 82% decline in operating profits with a 23% drop in camera sale compared with the previous period. The company is indicating that the market share of the traditional camera might shrink to half in the next two years due to smartphones. Canon is also stating that mirrorless cameras could be the future...

Yashica Kickstarts Three Cameras and Two New Films


Yashica, A Japanese Camera Brand for its 70th anniversary unveils the project YASHICA Absolute. A project for a remake of classic film and cameras. This project is aiming to bring 3 cameras MF-1, MF-2 and 44 TLR alone with 2 negative films 400 and Golden 80s (limited Edition). A Blast from the past I would consider this project. The project is phased in three phases Premiere, Novella and Prestige...