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It’s going to be Ghost with Alibaba Cloud that’s final


It’s almost a week since I took this domain off the static HTML page. In the meantime, I have been trying different hosts and apps for this blog, and nothing has come even close to NameCheap’s hosting and WordPress. I know there is an ocean of services out there but I am also running on a budget and I can not keep on spending on every service out there in the market. The only app that...

Hello world!!


Welcome to my site, I have been waiting to start this blog for a long time, after waiting for almost 2 years for this domain name to drop. I am now able to start this blog. Well, I am still working on the back end of this blog but here is the start of my first “Hello world!”. To be honest it took me almost 4 days to config this site. Well, let’s not get into all the details, now, that this site...

I hate leaving money on the trade table


I am mad at myself today just because I left a lot of money on the table. This is the exact same feeling that we get after winning a rat race. If I show you the chart I was trading and my trades you are going to laugh. Even a kid would have made more money in today’s trade. Today was just a single-side win situation and bull were in action. Let me show you the chart which I was on; State...

Cyberwar between the centralized and decentralized world


We keep saying wars are different from the past now, from physical to mental and now there is this hidden cyberwar between the centralized and decentralized world. Most of the common people are unaware but it is happening, you just need to look closely. If I would have been the commander I would do the same, first, crush the money system, second destroy the communication, third start a value...

Bullish on Cryptocurrency


Yes, I am totally bullish on cryptos as of now. Although most of my money is blocked in domains and stocks I am keeping a very small amount in cryptocurrency. Totally bullish on Doge, Ripple, Ethereum, and WazirX. These are like my favorite tokens to watch and trade. It is very normal to watch a 100 rupee stock go up and down 2-5% but what if that stock goes up 250%. That would be crazy and the...

Blogging Tools For Beginners [Must Use]


Have you just started a blog and want to know the best blogging tools for beginners? Then you are in the right place, I am going to tell you the best tools that you should use when starting. There are so many tools, that it becomes very difficult to choose and if you are looking at paid versions then heavy on the pocket. Some tools have similar functions and spending on two tools, that are doing... a $151,000 Domain Now Live


Mid of this year GoDaddy auctioned a domain for $151000 which is equivalent to an approx Cr 1.1 in INR. This kind of money can get you a fully furnished house or decent living here. Now, this site is live is inviting you, the content creators to join in. “For content creators earning money 💰 sucked for years. But we fixed it 🚀! With Fanbase it will be super-easy to monetize your reach...