What Is Top Level Domain (TLD) [Must Know]


We all go online, ever wonder What is Top Level Domain (gTLDs, ccTLDs or sTLDs) and their importance with the domain name. If you are not internet savvy you must be wondering what is this silly guy talking about.

I am talking about the last part of your favorite website name (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .IN, .ME, .CLUB) there is a total of 1584 of them and these are just the first level. There is also the second level (.CO.AT, .CO.CA, .AC.IN, .CO.IN) and third levels of them as well. How manipulative domain names can get in their domain hierarchy.

Did you know that .CO actually means the country Colombia and .AC that is very commonly used in India .AC.IN and in the United Kingdom .AC.UK is Ascension Island. If you have noticed my site was on .CH (SWITCH- Switzerland) earlier and just a few days back I shifted it to .ME (Country Montenegro).

Confusing isn’t it, well the internet has gone way beyond imagination. These TLDs also play a role in your website’s search engine optimization. That is one of the main reasons I shifted my domain name.

We do search engine optimization for ranking on Google and this search engine is global so my .CH was locked for geo-targeting to Switzerland. Now you must be wondering what about .ME that is also country code. Yes, it is but over the years Google found out that this ccTLD is being used by webmasters globally so they now consider this as gTLD (Generic). If you are wondering what about your country code then Google considers all of then as generic just like .COM, .NET, .ORG.


What Is Top Level Domain?

Top Level Domain is the strings right after a domain name and the start with a DOT.

  1. https:// – (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. www – (Subdomain)
  3. Shaan – (Domain Name)
  4. .ME – (Top Level Domain)

These Top Level Domains are managed by a non-profit organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). There are seven key holders to the root for the DNS of all these TLDs, it is not like they control the internet but yes in a way they are powerful enough.

  • Moussa Guebre
  • Dan Kaminsky
  • Paul Kane
  • Norm Ritchie
  • Ondrej Sury
  • Bevil Wooding
  • Jiankang Yao

ICANN has classified the TLDs into 6 types and further, the Registry owners have placed certain restrictions on the TLDs. Let me explain you this as per ICANN there are only 6 types:

  1. Generic TLD
  2. Country-Code TLD
  3. Generic-restricted TLD
  4. Infrastructure TLD
  5. Sponsored TLD
  6. Test TLD

Now let me explain to you each of them so that next time you look at a domain name you would know what and which kind of domain is it. A lot of times people also get Scammed thinking that it is a Government site and fall for this trap.

Generic TLD

There are 1240 of them and all the common names that you hear like .COM, .TECH, .CLUB, .STUDIO are Generic Top Level Domains which are open to all anyone can buy and start using them. Even .BANK, .STATEBANK, .GOOGLE, .UNIVERSITY and even .BARCLAYS is a Generic TLD. ICANN doesn’t care who is using them and how they are using them.

You must be thinking how do we get these it will be really cool to have my site on these TLD. Now here is the catch ICANN controls the ROOT but the public registrations are controlled by their Registry Managers. If you know .COM is managed by Verisign, .CLUB is managed by Club Domains, .SHOP is managed by GMO Registry, .BANK is managed by TLD Registry Services, . GOOGLE is managed by Google itself.

If they want, they can open it to the public or they can keep it private. There are a ton of big MNC’s who have their own TLDs. Amazon, Tata, Airtel, Alstom, Airbus, Accenture, Reliance all of them have their own TLDs [List of Generic TLD]

Country-Code TLD

ICANN considers 315 as ccTLD which represents a country. These you can identify easily .IN is India, .US is the United States, .CA is Canada, .CN is China and again they all are managed my Governments or by further Government appointed organizations.

These organizations who are managing the TLD as per the Government rules place certain restrictions on the TLDs like For .US or .CA can only be registered by those who are associated with the country.

Some countries have just one TLD, some countries have many, some have restrictions and some have none. [List of Country-Code TLD]

Generic-restricted TLD

There are these three TLDs (.PRO, .BIZ, .NAME) are restricted by ICANN but they are opened for public. They are restricted in such a way that if someone wants a domain name and someone has already bought it where it is not being used for the purpose as the name suggests. It can be challenged for example .BIZ if the owner is not a bonafide commercial entity then who wants a domain can raise the question to the TLD Managers.

Infrastructure TLD

There is just one single TLD (.ARPA) that falls under the infrastructure type. This TLD is closed for public and it actually means ARPANET which was the Internets precursor. The TLD stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency and now it is considered as Address and Routing Parameter Area.

Well, you probably won’t hear or get a mail or get a domain on this TLD.

Sponsored TLD

These Top Level Domains are sponsored by a narrow community and some are open and some are closed just because of their nature. .GOV, .EDU, .AERO you have to prove with documentation and get approval so that you can use these TLDs.

In the same .ASIA, .MOBI are open to the general public. [List of Sponsored TLD]

Test TLD

These TLDs are for testing purposes and are not open to the public. These are reserved for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). [List of Test TLDs]

Future Upcoming TLDs

Like we are running after good domain names, these TLD managers are running for TLD. These TLDs are in the process and hopefully, we are going to see them soon.

TLDStart/End Date SunriseSunrise OpenSunrise CloseTrademark Claims OpenTrademark Claims Close
.botStart Date Sunrise31-May-1714-Jul-1704-Nov-2003-Feb-21
.gayStart Date Sunrise10-Feb-2031-Mar-2011-May-2010-Aug-20
.zuerichEnd Date Sunrise01-Jul-2031-Aug-2021-Sep-2021-Dec-20
.xn--bck1b9a5dre4cStart Date Sunrise01-Nov-1631-Jan-1703-Nov-2002-Feb-21
.xn--rovu88bStart Date Sunrise01-Nov-1631-Jan-1703-Nov-2002-Feb-21
.newStart Date Sunrise15-Oct-1914-Jan-2015-Jul-20 

List Of Generic Top Level Domains

DomainTLD ManagerDomainTLD Manager
.aaaAmerican Automobile Association, Inc..locusLocus Analytics LLC
.aarpAARP.loftAnnco, Inc.
.abarthFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V..lolUniregistry, Corp.
.abbABB Ltd.londonDot London Domains Limited
.abbottAbbott Laboratories, Inc..lotteLotte Holdings Co., Ltd.
.abbvieAbbVie Inc..lottoAfilias Limited
.abcDisney Enterprises, Inc..loveMerchant Law Group LLP
.ableAble Inc..lplLPL Holdings, Inc.
.abogadoMinds + Machines Group Limited.lplfinancialLPL Holdings, Inc.
.abudhabiAbu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre.ltdBinky Moon, LLC
.academyBinky Moon, LLC.ltdaInterNetX Corp.
.accentureAccenture plc.lundbeckH. Lundbeck A/S
.accountantdot Accountant Limited.lupinLUPIN LIMITED
.accountantsBinky Moon, LLC.luxeMinds + Machines Group Limited
.acoACO Severin Ahlmann GmbH & Co. KG.luxuryLuxury Partners LLC
.activeNot assigned.macysMacys, Inc.
.actorUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..madridComunidad de Madrid
.adacAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. (ADAC).maifMutuelle Assurance Instituteur France (MAIF)
.adsCharleston Road Registry Inc..maisonBinky Moon, LLC
.adultICM Registry AD LLC.makeupL’Oréal
.aegAktiebolaget Electrolux.manMAN SE
.aetnaAetna Life Insurance Company.managementBinky Moon, LLC
.afamilycompanyJohnson Shareholdings, Inc..mangoPUNTO FA S.L.
.aflAustralian Football League.mapCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.africaZA Central Registry NPC trading as Registry.Africa.marketUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.agakhanFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation).marketingBinky Moon, LLC
.agencyBinky Moon, LLC.marketsDOTMARKETS REGISTRY LTD
.aigAmerican International Group, Inc..marriottMarriott Worldwide Corporation
.aigoaigo Digital Technology Co,Ltd..marshallsThe TJX Companies, Inc.
.airbusAirbus S.A.S..maseratiFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
.airforceUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..mattelMattel Sites, Inc.
.airtelBharti Airtel Limited.mbaBinky Moon, LLC
.akdnFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation).mcdNot assigned
.alfaromeoFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V..mcdonaldsNot assigned
.alibabaAlibaba Group Holding Limited.mckinseyMcKinsey Holdings, Inc.
.alipayAlibaba Group Holding Limited.medMedistry LLC
.allfinanzAllfinanz Deutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft.mediaBinky Moon, LLC
.allstateAllstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company.meetCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.allyAlly Financial Inc..melbourneThe Crown in right of the State of Victoria, represented by its Department of State Development, Business and Innovation
.alsaceREGION GRAND EST.memeCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.alstomALSTOM.memorialDog Beach, LLC
.americanexpressAmerican Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc..menExclusive Registry Limited
.americanfamilyAmFam, Inc..menuWedding TLD2, LLC
.amexAmerican Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc..meoNot assigned
.amfamAmFam, Inc..merckmsdMSD Registry Holdings, Inc.
.amicaAmica Mutual Insurance Company.metlifeMetLife Services and Solutions, LLC
.amsterdamGemeente Amsterdam.miamiMinds + Machines Group Limited
.analyticsCampus IP LLC.microsoftMicrosoft Corporation
.androidCharleston Road Registry Inc..miniBayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft
.anquanQIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD..mintIntuit Administrative Services, Inc.
.anzAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.mitMassachusetts Institute of Technology
.aolOATH Inc..mitsubishiMitsubishi Corporation
.apartmentsBinky Moon, LLC.mlbMLB Advanced Media DH, LLC
.appCharleston Road Registry Inc..mlsThe Canadian Real Estate Association
.appleApple Inc..mmaMMA IARD
.aquarelleAquarelle.com.mobiAfilias Technologies Limited dba dotMobi
.arabLeague of Arab States.mobileDish DBS Corporation
.aramcoAramco Services Company.mobilyNot assigned
.archiAfilias Limited.modaUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.armyUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..moeInterlink Co., Ltd.
.artUK Creative Ideas Limited.moiAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.arteAssociation Relative à la Télévision Européenne G.E.I.E..momUniregistry, Corp.
.asdaWal-Mart Stores, Inc..monashMonash University
.associatesBinky Moon, LLC.moneyBinky Moon, LLC
.athletaThe Gap, Inc..monsterXYZ.COM LLC
.attorneyUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.montblancNot assigned
.auctionUnited TLD HoldCo, Ltd..moparNot assigned
.audiAUDI Aktiengesellschaft.mormonIRI Domain Management, LLC (“Applicant”)
.audibleAmazon Registry Services, Inc..mortgageUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.audioUniregistry, Corp..moscowFoundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID)
.auspostAustralian Postal Corporation.motoMotorola Trademark Holdings, LLC
.authorAmazon Registry Services, Inc..motorcyclesDERMotorcycles, LLC
.autoCars Registry Limited.movCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.autosDERAutos, LLC.movieBinky Moon, LLC
.aviancaAvianca Holdings S.A..movistarNot assigned
.awsAmazon Registry Services, Inc..msdMSD Registry Holdings, Inc.
.axaAXA SA.mtnMTN Dubai Limited
.azureMicrosoft Corporation.mtpcRetired
.babyXYZ.COM LLC.mtrMTR Corporation Limited
.baiduBaidu, Inc..mutualNorthwestern Mutual MU TLD Registry, LLC
.banamexCitigroup Inc..mutuelleRetired
.bananarepublicThe Gap, Inc..nabNational Australia Bank Limited
.bandUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.nadexNadex Domains, Inc
.bankfTLD Registry Services, LLC.nagoyaGMO Registry, Inc.
.barPunto 2012 Sociedad Anonima Promotora de Inversion de Capital Variable.nationwideNationwide Mutual Insurance Company
.barcelonaMunicipi de Barcelona.naturaNATURA COSMÉTICOS S.A.
.barclaycardBarclays Bank PLC.navyUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.barclaysBarclays Bank PLC.nbaNBA REGISTRY, LLC
.barefootGallo Vineyards, Inc..necNEC Corporation
.bargainsBinky Moon, LLC.netVeriSign Global Registry Services
.basketballFédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA).netflixNetflix, Inc.
.bauhausWerkhaus GmbH.networkBinky Moon, LLC
.bayernBayern Connect GmbH.neustarNeuStar, Inc.
.bbcBritish Broadcasting Corporation.newCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.bbtBB&T Corporation.newhollandCNH Industrial N.V.
.bcgThe Boston Consulting Group, Inc..nextNext plc
.bcnMunicipi de Barcelona.nextdirectNext plc
.beatsBeats Electronics, LLC.nexusCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.beautyL’Oréal.nflNFL Reg Ops LLC
.beerMinds + Machines Group Limited.ngoPublic Interest Registry
.bentleyBentley Motors Limited.nhkJapan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)
.berlindotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG.nicoDWANGO Co., Ltd.
.bestBestTLD Pty Ltd.nikeNIKE, Inc.
.bestbuyBBY Solutions, Inc..nikonNIKON CORPORATION
.betAfilias Limited.ninjaUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.bhartiBharti Enterprises (Holding) Private Limited.nissanNISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
.bibleAmerican Bible Society.nissayNippon Life Insurance Company
.biddot Bid Limited.nokiaNokia Corporation
.bikeBinky Moon, LLC.northwesternmutualNorthwestern Mutual Registry, LLC
.bingMicrosoft Corporation.nortonSymantec Corporation
.bingoBinky Moon, LLC.nowAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.bioAfilias Limited.nowruzAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
.blackAfilias Limited.nowtvStarbucks (HK) Limited
.blackfridayUniregistry, Corp..nraNRA Holdings Company, INC.
.blancoNot assigned.nrwMinds + Machines GmbH
.blogKnock Knock WHOIS There, LLC.nycThe City of New York by and through the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications
.bloombergBloomberg IP Holdings LLC.obiOBI Group Holding SE & Co. KGaA
.blueAfilias Limited.observerTop Level Spectrum, Inc.
.bmsBristol-Myers Squibb Company.offJohnson Shareholdings, Inc.
.bmwBayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft.officeMicrosoft Corporation
.bnlNot assigned.okinawaBRregistry, Inc.
.bnpparibasBNP Paribas.olayanCrescent Holding GmbH
.boatsDERBoats, LLC.olayangroupCrescent Holding GmbH
.boehringerBoehringer Ingelheim International GmbH.oldnavyThe Gap, Inc.
.bofaBank of America Corporation.olloDish DBS Corporation
.bomNúcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR – NIC.br.omegaThe Swatch Group Ltd
.bondShortdot SA.oneOne.com A/S
.booCharleston Road Registry Inc..ongPublic Interest Registry
.bookAmazon Registry Services, Inc..onlI-REGISTRY Ltd., Niederlassung Deutschland
.bookingBooking.com B.V..onlineDotOnline Inc.
.bootsNot assigned.onyoursideNationwide Mutual Insurance Company
.bostikBostik SA.openAmerican Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.
.bostonBoston TLD Management, LLC.oracleOracle Corporation
.botAmazon Registry Services, Inc..orangeOrange Brand Services Limited
.boutiqueBinky Moon, LLC.orgPublic Interest Registry (PIR)
.boxNS1 Limited.organicAfilias Limited
.bradescoBanco Bradesco S.A..orientexpressRetired
.bridgestoneBridgestone Corporation.originsThe Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
.broadwayCelebrate Broadway, Inc..osakaOsaka Registry Co., Ltd.
.brokerDOTBROKER REGISTRY LTD.otsukaOtsuka Holdings Co., Ltd.
.brotherBrother Industries, Ltd..ottDish DBS Corporation
.brusselsDNS.be vzw.ovhOVH SAS
.budapestMinds + Machines Group Limited.pageCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.bugattiBugatti International SA.pamperedchefNot assigned
.buildPlan Bee LLC.panasonicPanasonic Corporation
.buildersBinky Moon, LLC.paneraiNot assigned
.businessBinky Moon, LLC.parisCity of Paris
.buyAmazon Registry Services, INC.parsAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
.buzzDOTSTRATEGY CO..partnersBinky Moon, LLC
.bzhAssociation www.bzh.partsBinky Moon, LLC
.cabBinky Moon, LLC.partyBlue Sky Registry Limited
.cafeBinky Moon, LLC.passagensTravel Reservations SRL
.calCharleston Road Registry Inc..payAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.callAmazon Registry Services, Inc..pccwPCCW Enterprises Limited
.calvinkleinPVH gTLD Holdings LLC.petAfilias Limited
.camAC Webconnecting Holding B.V..pfizerPfizer Inc.
.cameraBinky Moon, LLC.pharmacyNational Association of Boards of Pharmacy
.campBinky Moon, LLC.phdCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.cancerresearchAustralian Cancer Research Foundation.philipsKoninklijke Philips N.V.
.canonCanon Inc..phoneDish DBS Corporation
.capetownZA Central Registry NPC trading as ZA Central Registry.photoUniregistry, Corp.
.capitalBinky Moon, LLC.photographyBinky Moon, LLC
.capitaloneCapital One Financial Corporation.photosBinky Moon, LLC
.carCars Registry Limited.physioPhysBiz Pty Ltd
.caravanCaravan International, Inc..piagetNot assigned
.cardsBinky Moon, LLC.picsUniregistry, Corp.
.careBinky Moon, LLC.pictetPictet Europe S.A.
.careerdotCareer LLC.picturesBinky Moon, LLC
.careersBinky Moon, LLC.pidTop Level Spectrum, Inc.
.carsCars Registry Limited.pinAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.cartierNot assigned.pingPing Registry Provider, Inc.
.casaMinds + Machines Group Limited.pinkAfilias Limited
.caseCNH Industrial N.V..pioneerPioneer Corporation
.caseihCNH Industrial N.V..pizzaBinky Moon, LLC
.cashBinky Moon, LLC.placeBinky Moon, LLC
.casinoBinky Moon, LLC.playCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.cateringBinky Moon, LLC.playstationSony Computer Entertainment Inc.
.catholicPontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication).plumbingBinky Moon, LLC
.cbnThe Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc..pncPNC Domain Co., LLC
.cbreCBRE, Inc..pohlDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft DVAG
.cbsCBS Domains Inc..pokerAfilias Limited
.cebThe Corporate Executive Board Company.politiePolitie Nederland
.centerBinky Moon, LLC.pornICM Registry PN LLC
.ceoCEOTLD Pty Ltd.pramericaPrudential Financial, Inc.
.cernEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research (“CERN”).praxiPraxi S.p.A.
.cfaCFA Institute.pressDotPress Inc.
.cfdDOTCFD REGISTRY LTD.primeAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.chanelChanel International B.V..prodCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.channelCharleston Road Registry Inc..productionsBinky Moon, LLC
.charityCorn Lake, LLC.profCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.chaseJPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association.progressiveProgressive Casualty Insurance Company
.chatBinky Moon, LLC.promoAfilias Limited
.cheapBinky Moon, LLC.propertiesBinky Moon, LLC
.chintaiCHINTAI Corporation.propertyUniregistry, Corp.
.chloeNot assigned.protectionXYZ.COM LLC
.christmasUniregistry, Corp..pruPrudential Financial, Inc.
.chromeCharleston Road Registry Inc..prudentialPrudential Financial, Inc.
.chryslerNot assigned.pubUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.churchBinky Moon, LLC.pwcPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
.ciprianiHotel Cipriani Srl.qpondotCOOL, Inc.
.circleAmazon Registry Services, Inc..quebecPointQuébec Inc
.ciscoCisco Technology, Inc..questXYZ.COM LLC
.citadelCitadel Domain LLC.qvcQVC, Inc.
.citiCitigroup Inc..racingPremier Registry Limited
.citicCITIC Group Corporation.radioEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU)
.cityBinky Moon, LLC.raidJohnson Shareholdings, Inc.
.cityeatsLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..readAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.claimsBinky Moon, LLC.realestatedotRealEstate LLC
.cleaningBinky Moon, LLC.realtorReal Estate Domains LLC
.clickUniregistry, Corp..realtyFegistry, LLC
.clinicBinky Moon, LLC.recipesBinky Moon, LLC
.cliniqueThe Estée Lauder Companies Inc..redAfilias Limited
.clothingBinky Moon, LLC.redstoneRedstone Haute Couture Co., Ltd.
.cloudARUBA PEC S.p.A..redumbrellaTravelers TLD, LLC
.club.CLUB DOMAINS, LLC.rehabUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.clubmedClub Méditerranée S.A..reiseBinky Moon, LLC
.coachBinky Moon, LLC.reisenBinky Moon, LLC
.codesBinky Moon, LLC.reitNational Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Inc.
.coffeeBinky Moon, LLC.relianceReliance Industries Limited
.collegeXYZ.COM LLC.renZDNS International Limited
.colognedotKoeln GmbH.rentXYZ.COM LLC
.comVeriSign Global Registry Services.rentalsBinky Moon, LLC
.comcastComcast IP Holdings I, LLC.repairBinky Moon, LLC
.communityBinky Moon, LLC.republicanUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.companyBinky Moon, LLC.restPunto 2012 Sociedad Anonima Promotora de Inversion de Capital Variable
.compareRegistry Services, LLC.restaurantBinky Moon, LLC
.computerBinky Moon, LLC.reviewdot Review Limited
.comsecVeriSign, Inc..reviewsUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.
.condosBinky Moon, LLC.rexrothRobert Bosch GMBH
.constructionBinky Moon, LLC.richI-REGISTRY Ltd., Niederlassung Deutschland
.consultingUnited TLD Holdco, LTD..richardliPacific Century Asset Management (HK) Limited
.contactDog Beach, LLC.ricohRicoh Company, Ltd.
.contractorsBinky Moon, LLC.rightathomeJohnson Shareholdings, Inc.
.cookingMinds + Machines Group Limited.rilReliance Industries Limited
.cookingchannelLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..rioEmpresa Municipal de Informática SA – IPLANRIO
.coolBinky Moon, LLC.ripUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.corsicaCollectivité de Corse.rmitRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
.countryTop Level Domain Holdings Limited.rocherFerrero Trading Lux S.A.
.couponAmazon Registry Services, Inc..rocksUnited TLD Holdco, LTD.
.couponsBinky Moon, LLC.rodeoMinds + Machines Group Limited
.coursesOPEN UNIVERSITIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD.rogersRogers Communications Canada Inc.
.cpaAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants.roomAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.creditBinky Moon, LLC.rsvpCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.creditcardBinky Moon, LLC.rugbyWorld Rugby Strategic Developments Limited
.creditunionCUNA Performance Resources, LLC.ruhrregiodot GmbH & Co. KG
.cricketdot Cricket Limited.runBinky Moon, LLC
.crownCrown Equipment Corporation.rweRWE AG
.crsFederated Co-operatives Limited.ryukyuBRregistry, Inc.
.cruiseViking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd..saarlanddotSaarland GmbH
.cruisesBinky Moon, LLC.safeAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.cscAlliance-One Services, Inc..safetySafety Registry Services, LLC.
.cuisinellaSALM S.A.S..sakuraSAKURA Internet Inc.
.cymruNominet UK.saleUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.cyouBeijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co., Ltd..salonBinky Moon, LLC
.daburDabur India Limited.samsclubWal-Mart Stores, Inc.
.dadCharleston Road Registry Inc..samsungSAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD
.danceUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..sandvikSandvik AB
.dataDish DBS Corporation.sandvikcoromantSandvik AB
.datedot Date Limited.sanofiSanofi
.datingBinky Moon, LLC.sapSAP AG
.datsunNISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD..sapoNot assigned
.dayCharleston Road Registry Inc..sarlBinky Moon, LLC
.dclkCharleston Road Registry Inc..sasResearch IP LLC
.ddsMinds + Machines Group Limited.saveAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.dealAmazon Registry Services, Inc..saxoSaxo Bank A/S
.dealerIntercap Registry Inc..sbiSTATE BANK OF INDIA
.degreeUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.scaSVENSKA CELLULOSA AKTIEBOLAGET SCA (publ)
.deliveryBinky Moon, LLC.scbThe Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (“SCB”)
.dellDell Inc..schaefflerSchaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
.deloitteDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu.schmidtSALM S.A.S.
.deltaDelta Air Lines, Inc..scholarshipsScholarships.com, LLC
.democratUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..schoolBinky Moon, LLC
.dentalBinky Moon, LLC.schuleBinky Moon, LLC
.dentistUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.schwarzSchwarz Domains und Services GmbH & Co. KG
.desiDesi Networks LLC.sciencedot Science Limited
.designTop Level Design, LLC.scjohnsonJohnson Shareholdings, Inc.
.devCharleston Road Registry Inc..scorSCOR SE
.dhlDeutsche Post AG.scotDot Scot Registry Limited
.diamondsBinky Moon, LLC.searchCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.dietUniregistry, Corp..seatSEAT, S.A. (Sociedad Unipersonal)
.digitalBinky Moon, LLC.secureAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.directBinky Moon, LLC.securityXYZ.COM LLC
.directoryBinky Moon, LLC.seekSeek Limited
.discountBinky Moon, LLC.selectRegistry Services, LLC
.discoverDiscover Financial Services.senerSener Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A.
.dishDish DBS Corporation.servicesBinky Moon, LLC
.diyLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..sesSES
.dnpDai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd..sevenSeven West Media Ltd
.docsCharleston Road Registry Inc..sewSEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG
.doctorBinky Moon, LLC.sexICM Registry SX LLC
.dodgeNot assigned.sexyUniregistry, Corp.
.dogBinky Moon, LLC.sfrSociete Francaise du Radiotelephone – SFR
.dohaNot assigned.shangrilaShangri‐La International Hotel Management Limited
.domainsBinky Moon, LLC.sharpSharp Corporation
.doosanRetired.shawShaw Cablesystems G.P.
.dotDish DBS Corporation.shellShell Information Technology International Inc
.downloaddot Support Limited.shiaAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
.driveCharleston Road Registry Inc..shikshaAfilias Limited
.dtvDish DBS Corporation.shoesBinky Moon, LLC
.dubaiDubai Smart Government Department.shopGMO Registry, Inc.
.duckJohnson Shareholdings, Inc..shoppingBinky Moon, LLC
.dunlopThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.shoujiQIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.
.dunsNot assigned.showBinky Moon, LLC
.dupontE. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.showtimeCBS Domains Inc.
.durbanZA Central Registry NPC trading as ZA Central Registry.shriramShriram Capital Ltd.
.dvagDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft DVAG.silkAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.dvrHughes Satellite Systems Corporation.sinaSina Corporation
.earthInterlink Co., Ltd..singlesBinky Moon, LLC
.eatCharleston Road Registry Inc..siteDotSite Inc.
.ecoBig Room Inc..skiAfilias Limited
.edekaEDEKA Verband kaufmännischer Genossenschaften e.V..skinL’Oréal
.educationBinky Moon, LLC.skySky International AG
.emailBinky Moon, LLC.skypeMicrosoft Corporation
.emerckMerck KGaA.slingHughes Satellite Systems Corporation
.energyBinky Moon, LLC.smartSmart Communications, Inc. (SMART)
.engineerUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..smileAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.engineeringBinky Moon, LLC.sncfSNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais)
.enterprisesBinky Moon, LLC.soccerBinky Moon, LLC
.epostNot assigned.socialUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.epsonSeiko Epson Corporation.softbankSoftBank Group Corp.
.equipmentBinky Moon, LLC.softwareUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.ericssonTelefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson.sohuSohu.com Limited
.erniERNI Group Holding AG.solarBinky Moon, LLC
.esqCharleston Road Registry Inc..solutionsBinky Moon, LLC
.estateBinky Moon, LLC.songAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.esuranceEsurance Insurance Company.sonySony Corporation
.etisalatEmirates Telecommunications Corporation (trading as Etisalat).soyCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.eurovisionEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU).spaceDotSpace Inc.
.eusPuntueus Fundazioa.spiegelNot assigned
.eventsBinky Moon, LLC.sportGlobal Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)
.everbankNot assigned.spotAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.exchangeBinky Moon, LLC.spreadbettingDOTSPREADBETTING REGISTRY LTD
.expertBinky Moon, LLC.srlInterNetX Corp.
.exposedBinky Moon, LLC.srtNot assigned
.expressBinky Moon, LLC.stadaSTADA Arzneimittel AG
.extraspaceExtra Space Storage LLC.staplesStaples, Inc.
.fageFage International S.A..starStar India Private Limited
.failBinky Moon, LLC.starhubNot assigned
.fairwindsFairWinds Partners, LLC.statebankSTATE BANK OF INDIA
.faithdot Faith Limited.statefarmState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
.familyUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..statoilNot assigned
.fanAsiamix Digital Ltd.stcSaudi Telecom Company
.fansFans TLD Ltd.stcgroupSaudi Telecom Company
.farmBinky Moon, LLC.stockholmStockholms kommun
.farmersFarmers Insurance Exchange.storageXYZ.COM LLC
.fashionMinds + Machines Group Limited.storeDotStore Inc.
.fastAmazon Registry Services, Inc..streamdot Stream Limited
.fedexFederal Express Corporation.studioUnited TLD Holdco Ltd.
.feedbackTop Level Spectrum, Inc..studyOPEN UNIVERSITIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
.ferrariFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V..styleBinky Moon, LLC
.ferreroFerrero Trading Lux S.A..sucksVox Populi Registry Ltd.
.fiatFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V..suppliesBinky Moon, LLC
.fidelityFidelity Brokerage Services LLC.supplyBinky Moon, LLC
.fidoRogers Communications Canada Inc..supportBinky Moon, LLC
.filmMotion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd.surfMinds + Machines Group Limited
.finalNúcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR – NIC.br.surgeryBinky Moon, LLC
.financeBinky Moon, LLC.suzukiSUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION
.financialBinky Moon, LLC.swatchThe Swatch Group Ltd
.fireAmazon Registry Services, Inc..swiftcoverSwiftcover Insurance Services Limited
.firestoneBridgestone Licensing Services, Inc..swissSwiss Confederation
.firmdaleFirmdale Holdings Limited.sydneyState of New South Wales, Department of Premier and Cabinet
.fishBinky Moon, LLC.symantecSymantec Corporation
.fishingMinds + Machines Group Limited.systemsBinky Moon, LLC
.fitMinds + Machines Group Limited.tabTabcorp Holdings Limited
.fitnessBinky Moon, LLC.taipeiTaipei City Government
.flickrYahoo! Domain Services Inc..talkAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.flightsBinky Moon, LLC.taobaoAlibaba Group Holding Limited
.flirFLIR Systems, Inc..targetTarget Domain Holdings, LLC
.floristBinky Moon, LLC.tatamotorsTata Motors Ltd
.flowersUniregistry, Corp..tatarLimited Liability Company “Coordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republic”
.flsmidthRetired.tattooUniregistry, Corp.
.flyCharleston Road Registry Inc..taxBinky Moon, LLC
.fooCharleston Road Registry Inc..taxiBinky Moon, LLC
.foodLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..tciAsia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
.foodnetworkLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..tdkTDK Corporation
.footballBinky Moon, LLC.teamBinky Moon, LLC
.fordFord Motor Company.techDot Tech LLC
.forexDOTFOREX REGISTRY LTD.technologyBinky Moon, LLC
.forsaleUnited TLD Holdco, LLC.telecityNot assigned
.forumFegistry, LLC.telefonicaNot assigned
.foundationBinky Moon, LLC.temasekTemasek Holdings (Private) Limited
.foxFOX Registry, LLC.tennisBinky Moon, LLC
.freeAmazon Registry Services, Inc..tevaTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
.freseniusFresenius Immobilien-Verwaltungs-GmbH.thdHome Depot Product Authority, LLC
.frlFRLregistry B.V..theaterBinky Moon, LLC
.frogansOP3FT.theatreXYZ.COM LLC
.frontdoorLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..tiaaTeachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
.frontierFrontier Communications Corporation.ticketsAccent Media Limited
.ftrFrontier Communications Corporation.tiendaBinky Moon, LLC
.fujitsuFujitsu Limited.tiffanyTiffany and Company
.fujixeroxXerox DNHC LLC.tipsBinky Moon, LLC
.funDotSpace, Inc..tiresBinky Moon, LLC
.fundBinky Moon, LLC.tirolpunkt Tirol GmbH
.furnitureBinky Moon, LLC.tjmaxxThe TJX Companies, Inc.
.futbolUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd..tjxThe TJX Companies, Inc.
.fyiBinky Moon, LLC.tkmaxxThe TJX Companies, Inc.
.galAsociación puntoGAL.tmallAlibaba Group Holding Limited
.galleryBinky Moon, LLC.todayBinky Moon, LLC
.galloGallo Vineyards, Inc..tokyoGMO Registry, Inc.
.gallupGallup, Inc..toolsBinky Moon, LLC
.gameUniregistry, Corp..topJiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
.gamesUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..torayToray Industries, Inc.
.gapThe Gap, Inc..toshibaTOSHIBA Corporation
.gardenMinds + Machines Group Limited.totalTotal SA
.gayTop Level Design, LLC.toursBinky Moon, LLC
.gbizCharleston Road Registry Inc..townBinky Moon, LLC
.gdnJoint Stock Company “Navigation-information systems”.toyotaTOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
.geaGEA Group Aktiengesellschaft.toysBinky Moon, LLC
.gentCombell nv.tradeElite Registry Limited
.gentingResorts World Inc. Pte. Ltd..tradingDOTTRADING REGISTRY LTD
.georgeWal-Mart Stores, Inc..trainingBinky Moon, LLC
.ggeeGMO Internet, Inc..travelchannelLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.
.giftUniregistry, Corp..travelersTravelers TLD, LLC
.giftsBinky Moon, LLC.travelersinsuranceTravelers TLD, LLC
.givesUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..trustArtemis Internet Inc
.givingGiving Limited.trvTravelers TLD, LLC
.gladeJohnson Shareholdings, Inc..tubeLatin American Telecom LLC
.glassBinky Moon, LLC.tuiTUI AG
.gleCharleston Road Registry Inc..tunesAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.globalDot Global Domain Registry Limited.tushuAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.globoGlobo Comunicação e Participações S.A.tvsT V SUNDRAM IYENGAR & SONS PRIVATE LIMITED
.gmailCharleston Road Registry Inc..ubankNational Australia Bank Limited
.gmbhBinky Moon, LLC.ubsUBS AG
.gmoGMO Internet, Inc..uconnectNot assigned
.gmx1&1 Mail & Media GmbH.unicomChina United Network Communications Corporation Limited
.godaddyGo Daddy East, LLC.universityBinky Moon, LLC
.goldBinky Moon, LLC.unoDotSite Inc.
.golfBinky Moon, LLC.upsUPS Market Driver, Inc.
.gooNTT Resonant Inc..vacationsBinky Moon, LLC
.goodhandsNot assigned.vanaLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.
.goodyearThe Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.vanguardThe Vanguard Group, Inc.
.googCharleston Road Registry Inc..vegasDot Vegas, Inc.
.googleCharleston Road Registry Inc..venturesBinky Moon, LLC
.gopRepublican State Leadership Committee, Inc..verisignVeriSign, Inc.
.gotAmazon Registry Services, Inc..versicherungTLD-BOX Registrydienstleistungen GmbH
.graingerGrainger Registry Services, LLC.vetUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.graphicsBinky Moon, LLC.viajesBinky Moon, LLC
.gratisBinky Moon, LLC.videoUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd
.greenAfilias Limited.vigVIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe
.gripeBinky Moon, LLC.vikingViking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd.
.groceryWal-Mart Stores, Inc..villasBinky Moon, LLC
.groupBinky Moon, LLC.vinBinky Moon, LLC
.guardianThe Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.vipMinds + Machines Group Limited
.gucciGuccio Gucci S.p.a..virginVirgin Enterprises Limited
.gugeCharleston Road Registry Inc..visaVisa Worldwide Pte. Limited
.guideBinky Moon, LLC.visionBinky Moon, LLC
.guitarsUniregistry, Corp..vistaNot assigned
.guruBinky Moon, LLC.vistaprintVistaprint Limited
.hairL’Oreal.vivaSaudi Telecom Company
.hamburgHamburg Top-Level-Domain GmbH.vivoTelefonica Brasil S.A.
.hangoutCharleston Road Registry Inc..vlaanderenDNS.be vzw
.hausUnited TLD Holdco, LTD..vodkaMinds + Machines Group Limited
.hboHBO Registry Services, Inc..volkswagenVolkswagen Group of America Inc.
.hdfcbankHDFC Bank Limited.voteMonolith Registry LLC
.healthDotHealth, LLC.votingValuetainment Corp.
.healthcareBinky Moon, LLC.votoMonolith Registry LLC
.helpUniregistry, Corp..voyageBinky Moon, LLC
.helsinkiCity of Helsinki.vuelosTravel Reservations SRL
.hereCharleston Road Registry Inc..walesNominet UK
.hermesHermes International.walmartWal-Mart Stores, Inc.
.hgtvLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..walterSandvik AB
.hiphopUniregistry, Corp..wangZodiac Wang Limited
.hisamitsuHisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.,Inc..wanggouAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.hitachiHitachi, Ltd..warmanNot assigned
.hivUniregistry, Corp..watchBinky Moon, LLC
.hktPCCW-HKT DataCom Services Limited.watchesRichemont DNS Inc.
.hockeyBinky Moon, LLC.weatherInternational Business Machines Corporation
.holdingsBinky Moon, LLC.weatherchannelInternational Business Machines Corporation
.holidayBinky Moon, LLC.webcamdot Webcam Limited
.homedepotHome Depot Product Authority, LLC.weberSaint-Gobain Weber SA
.homegoodsThe TJX Companies, Inc..websiteDotWebsite Inc.
.homesDERHomes, LLC.wedEmergency Back-End Registry Operator Program – ICANN
.homesenseThe TJX Companies, Inc..weddingMinds + Machines Group Limited
.hondaHonda Motor Co., Ltd..weiboSina Corporation
.honeywellNot assigned.weirWeir Group IP Limited
.horseMinds + Machines Group Limited.whoswhoWho’s Who Registry
.hospitalBinky Moon, LLC.wienpunkt.wien GmbH
.hostDotHost Inc..wikiTop Level Design, LLC
.hostingUniregistry, Corp..williamhillWilliam Hill Organization Limited
.hotAmazon Registry Services, Inc..winFirst Registry Limited
.hotelesTravel Reservations SRL.windowsMicrosoft Corporation
.hotelsBooking.com B.V..wineBinky Moon, LLC
.hotmailMicrosoft Corporation.winnersThe TJX Companies, Inc.
.houseBinky Moon, LLC.wmeWilliam Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC
.howCharleston Road Registry Inc..wolterskluwerWolters Kluwer N.V.
.hsbcHSBC Global Services (UK) Limited.woodsideWoodside Petroleum Limited
.htcNot assigned.workMinds + Machines Group Limited
.hughesHughes Satellite Systems Corporation.worksBinky Moon, LLC
.hyattHyatt GTLD, L.L.C..worldBinky Moon, LLC
.hyundaiHyundai Motor Company.wowAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.ibmInternational Business Machines Corporation.wtcWorld Trade Centers Association, Inc.
.icbcIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited.wtfBinky Moon, LLC
.iceIntercontinentalExchange, Inc..xboxMicrosoft Corporation
.icuShortdot SA.xeroxXerox DNHC LLC
.ieeeIEEE Global LLC.xfinityComcast IP Holdings I, LLC
.ifmifm electronic gmbh.xihuanQIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.
.iinetRetired.xinElegant Leader Limited
.ikanoIkano S.A..कॉमVeriSign Sarl
.imamatFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation).セールAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.imdbAmazon Registry Services, Inc..佛山Guangzhou YU Wei Information Technology Co., Ltd.
.immoBinky Moon, LLC.慈善Excellent First Limited
.immobilienUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..集团Eagle Horizon Limited
.incIntercap Holdings Inc..在线TLD REGISTRY LIMITED
.industriesBinky Moon, LLC.大众汽车Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
.infinitiNISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD..点看VeriSign Sarl
.infoAfilias Limited.คอมVeriSign Sarl
.ingCharleston Road Registry Inc..八卦Zodiac Gemini Ltd
.inkTop Level Design, LLC‏.موقع‎Suhub Electronic Establishment
.instituteBinky Moon, LLC.公益China Organizational Name Administration Center
.insurancefTLD Registry Services LLC.公司Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China Internet Network Information Center)
.insureBinky Moon, LLC.香格里拉Shangri‐La International Hotel Management Limited
.intelIntel Corporation.网站Global Website TLD Asia Limited
.internationalBinky Moon, LLC.移动Afilias Limited
.intuitIntuit Administrative Services, Inc..我爱你Tycoon Treasure Limited
.investmentsBinky Moon, LLC.москваFoundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development (FAITID)
.ipirangaIpiranga Produtos de Petroleo S.A..католикPontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication)
.irishBinky Moon, LLC.онлайнCORE Association
.iselectNot assigned.сайтCORE Association
.ismailiFondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation).联通China United Network Communications Corporation Limited
.istIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality‏.קום‎VeriSign Sarl
.istanbulIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality.时尚RISE VICTORY LIMITED
.itauItau Unibanco Holding S.A..微博Sina Corporation
.itvITV Services Limited.淡马锡Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited
.ivecoCNH Industrial N.V..ファッションAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.iwcNot assigned.оргPublic Interest Registry
.jaguarJaguar Land Rover Ltd.नेटVeriSign Sarl
.javaOracle Corporation.ストアAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.jcbJCB Co., Ltd..삼성SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD
.jeepFCA US LLC..商店Binky Moon, LLC
.jetztBinky Moon, LLC.商城Zodiac Aquarius Limited
.jewelryBinky Moon, LLC.детиThe Foundation for Network Initiatives “The Smart Internet”
.jioAffinity Names, Inc..ポイントAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.jlcNot assigned.新闻Guangzhou YU Wei Information and Technology Co.,Ltd
.jllJones Lang LaSalle Incorporated.工行Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
.jmpMatrix IP LLC.家電Amazon Registry Services, Inc.
.jnjJohnson & Johnson Services, Inc.‏.كوم‎VeriSign Sarl
.joburgZA Central Registry NPC trading as ZA Central Registry.中文网TLD REGISTRY LIMITED
.jotAmazon Registry Services, Inc..中信CITIC Group Corporation
.joyAmazon Registry Services, Inc..娱乐Binky Moon, LLC
.jpmorganJPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association.谷歌Charleston Road Registry Inc.
.jprsJapan Registry Services Co., Ltd..電訊盈科PCCW Enterprises Limited
.juegosUniregistry, Corp..购物Minds + Machines Group Limited
.juniperJUNIPER NETWORKS, INC..クラウドAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.kaufenUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..通販Amazon Registry Services, Inc.
.kddiKDDI CORPORATION.网店Zodiac Taurus Ltd.
.kerryhotelsKerry Trading Co. Limited.संगठनPublic Interest Registry
.kerrypropertiesKerry Trading Co. Limited.网络Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China Internet Network Information Center)
.kfhKuwait Finance House.комVeriSign Sarl
.kiaKIA MOTORS CORPORATION.诺基亚Nokia Corporation
.kimAfilias Limited.食品Amazon Registry Services, Inc.
.kinderFerrero Trading Lux S.A..飞利浦Koninklijke Philips N.V.
.kindleAmazon Registry Services, Inc..手表Richemont DNS Inc.
.kitchenBinky Moon, LLC.手机Beijing RITT-Net Technology Development Co., Ltd
.kiwiDOT KIWI LIMITED‏.ارامكو‎Aramco Services Company
.koelndotKoeln GmbH‏.العليان‎Crescent Holding GmbH
.komatsuKomatsu Ltd.‏.اتصالات‎Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (trading as Etisalat)
.kosherKosher Marketing Assets LLC‏.بازار‎CORE Association
.kpmgKPMG International Cooperative (KPMG International Genossenschaft)‏.موبايلي‎Not assigned
.kpnKoninklijke KPN N.V.‏.ابوظبي‎Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre
.krdKRG Department of Information Technology‏.كاثوليك‎Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication)
.kredKredTLD Pty Ltd‏.همراه‎Asia Green IT System Bilgisayar San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
.kuokgroupKerry Trading Co. Limited.닷컴VeriSign Sarl
.kyotoAcademic Institution: Kyoto Jyoho Gakuen.政府Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.
.lacaixaCAIXA D’ESTALVIS I PENSIONS DE BARCELONA‏.شبكة‎International Domain Registry Pty. Ltd.
.ladbrokesNot assigned‏.بيتك‎Kuwait Finance House
.lamborghiniAutomobili Lamborghini S.p.A.‏.عرب‎League of Arab States
.lamerThe Estée Lauder Companies Inc..机构Public Interest Registry
.lancasterLANCASTER.组织机构Public Interest Registry
.lanciaFiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V..健康Stable Tone Limited
.lancomeNot assigned.招聘Dot Trademark TLD Holding Company Limited
.landBinky Moon, LLC.русRusnames Limited
.landroverJaguar Land Rover Ltd.珠宝Richemont DNS Inc.
.lanxessLANXESS Corporation.大拿VeriSign Sarl
.lasalleJones Lang LaSalle Incorporated.みんなCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.latECOM-LAC Federación de Latinoamérica y el Caribe para Internet y el Comercio Electrónico.グーグルCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.latinoDish DBS Corporation.世界Stable Tone Limited
.latrobeLa Trobe University.書籍Amazon Registry Services, Inc.
.lawLW TLD Limited.网址KNET Co., Ltd
.lawyerUnited TLD Holdco, Ltd.닷넷VeriSign Sarl
.ldsIRI Domain Management, LLC.コムVeriSign Sarl
.leaseBinky Moon, LLC.天主教Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communication)
.leclercA.C.D. LEC Association des Centres Distributeurs Edouard Leclerc.游戏Binky Moon, LLC
.lefrakLeFrak Organization, Inc..vermögensberaterDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft DVAG
.legalBinky Moon, LLC.vermögensberatungDeutsche Vermögensberatung Aktiengesellschaft DVAG
.legoLEGO Juris A/S.企业Binky Moon, LLC
.lexusTOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.信息Beijing Tele-info Network Technology Co., Ltd.
.lgbtAfilias Limited.嘉里大酒店Kerry Trading Co. Limited
.liaisonNot assigned.嘉里Kerry Trading Co. Limited
.lidlSchwarz Domains und Services GmbH & Co. KG.广东Guangzhou YU Wei Information Technology Co., Ltd.
.lifeBinky Moon, LLC.政务China Organizational Name Administration Center
.lifeinsuranceAmerican Council of Life Insurers.xperiaNot assigned
.lifestyleLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..xyzXYZ.COM LLC
.lightingBinky Moon, LLC.yachtsDERYachts, LLC
.likeAmazon Registry Services, Inc..yahooYahoo! Domain Services Inc.
.lillyEli Lilly and Company.yamaxunAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.limitedBinky Moon, LLC.yandexYANDEX, LLC
.limoBinky Moon, LLC.yodobashiYODOBASHI CAMERA CO.,LTD.
.lincolnFord Motor Company.yogaMinds + Machines Group Limited
.lindeLinde Aktiengesellschaft.yokohamaGMO Registry, Inc.
.linkUniregistry, Corp..youAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.lipsyLipsy Ltd.youtubeCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.liveUnited TLD Holdco Ltd..yunQIHOO 360 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.
.livingLifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc..zapposAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.lixilLIXIL Group Corporation.zaraIndustria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (INDITEX, S.A.)
.llcAfilias Limited.zeroAmazon Registry Services, Inc.
.llpDot Registry LLC.zipCharleston Road Registry Inc.
.loandot Loan Limited.zippoNot assigned
.loansBinky Moon, LLC.zoneBinky Moon, LLC
.lockerDish DBS Corporation.zuerichKanton Zürich (Canton of Zurich)

List Of Country-Code Top Level Domains

DomainTLD ManagerDomainTLD Manager
.acInternet Computer Bureau Limited.mvDhiraagu Pvt. Ltd. (DHIVEHINET)
.adAndorra Telecom.mwMalawi Sustainable Development Network Programme (Malawi SDNP)
.aeTelecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA).mxNIC-Mexico ITESM – Campus Monterrey
.afMinistry of Communications and IT.myMYNIC Berhad
.agUHSA School of Medicine.mzCentro de Informatica de Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
.aiGovernment of Anguilla.naNamibian Network Information Center
.alElectronic and Postal Communications Authority – AKEP.ncOffice des Postes et Telecommunications
.am“Internet Society” Non-governmental Organization.neSONITEL
.anRetired.nfNorfolk Island Data Services
.aoFaculdade de Engenharia da Universidade Agostinho Neto.ngNigeria Internet Registration Association
.aqAntarctica Network Information Centre Limited.niUniversidad Nacional del Ingernieria Centro de Computo
.arPresidencia de la Nación – Secretaría Legal y Técnica.nlSIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland)
.asAS Domain Registry.noNorid A/S
.atnic.at GmbH.npMercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.
.au.au Domain Administration (auDA).nrCENPAC NET
.awSETAR.nuThe IUSN Foundation
.axÅlands landskapsregering.nzInternetNZ
.azIntraNS.omTelecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
.baUniverstiy Telinformatic Centre (UTIC).paUniversidad Tecnologica de Panama
.bbGovernment of Barbados Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development Telecommunications Unit.peRed Cientifica Peruana
.bdPosts and Telecommunications Division.pfGouvernement de la Polynésie française
.beDNS Belgium vzw/asbl.pgPNG DNS Administration Vice Chancellors Office The Papua New Guinea University of Technology
.bfARCE-AutoritÈ de RÈgulation des Communications Electroniques.phPH Domain Foundation
.bhTelecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).plResearch and Academic Computer Network
.biCentre National de l’Informatique.pmAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)
.bjAutorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et de la Poste du Bénin (ARCEP BENIN).pnPitcairn Island Administration
.blNot assigned.prGauss Research Laboratory Inc.
.bmRegistry General Department, Ministry of Home Affairs.psMinistry Of Telecommunications & Information Technology, Government Computer Center.
.bnAuthority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI).ptAssociação DNS.PT
.boAgencia para el Desarrollo de la Información de la Sociedad en Bolivia.pwMicronesia Investment and Development Corporation
.bqNot assigned.pyNIC-PY
.brComite Gestor da Internet no Brasil.qaCommunications Regulatory Authority
.bsUniversity of The Bahamas.reAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)
.btMinistry of Information and Communications.roNational Institute for R&D in Informatics
.bvNorid A/S.rsSerbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS)
.bwBotswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).ruCoordination Center for TLD RU
.byReliable Software, Ltd..rwRwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance (RICTA) Ltd
.bzUniversity of Belize.saCommunications and Information Technology Commission
.caCanadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Autorité Canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet (ACEI).sbSolomon Telekom Company Limited
.cceNIC Cocos (Keeling) Islands Pty. Ltd. d/b/a Island Internet Services.scVCS Pty Ltd
.cdOffice Congolais des Postes et Télécommunications – OCPT.sdSudan Internet Society
.cfSociete Centrafricaine de Telecommunications (SOCATEL).seThe Internet Infrastructure Foundation
.cgInterpoint Switzerland.sgSingapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd
.chSWITCH The Swiss Education & Research Network.shGovernment of St. Helena
.ciAutorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d’lvoire (ARTCI).siAcademic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES)
.ckTelecom Cook Islands Ltd..sjNorid A/S
.clNIC Chile (University of Chile).skSK-NIC, a.s.
.cmCameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL).slSierratel
.cnChina Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).smTelecom Italia San Marino S.p.A.
.co.CO Internet S.A.S..snUniversite Cheikh Anta Diop NIC Senegal
.crNational Academy of Sciences Academia Nacional de Ciencias.soMinistry of Post and Telecommunications
.cuCENIAInternet Industria y San Jose Capitolio Nacional.srTelesur
.cvAgência Reguladora Multissectorial da Economia (ARME).ssNational Communication Authority (NCA)
.cwUniversity of Curacao.stTecnisys
.cxChristmas Island Domain Administration Limited.suRussian Institute for Development of Public Networks (ROSNIIROS)
.cyUniversity of Cyprus.svSVNet
.czCZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.sxSX Registry SA B.V.
.deDENIC eG.syNational Agency for Network Services (NANS)
.djDjibouti Telecom S.A.szUniversity of Swaziland Department of Computer Science
.dkDansk Internet Forum.tcMelrex TC
.dmDotDM Corporation.tdl’Agence de Développement des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (ADETIC)
.doPontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra Recinto Santo Tomas de Aquino.tfAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)
.dzCERIST.tgAutorite de Reglementation des secteurs de Postes et de Telecommunications (ART&P)
.ecECUADORDOMAIN S.A..thThai Network Information Center Foundation
.eeEesti Interneti Sihtasutus (EIS).tjInformation Technology Center
.egEgyptian Universities Network (EUN) Supreme Council of Universities.tkTelecommunication Tokelau Corporation (Teletok)
.ehNot assigned.tlAutoridade Nacional de Comunicações
.erEritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel).tmTM Domain Registry Ltd
.esRed.es.tnAgence Tunisienne d’Internet
.etEthio telecom.toGovernment of the Kingdom of Tonga H.R.H. Crown Prince Tupouto’a c/o Consulate of Tonga
.euEURid vzw/asbl.tpRetired
.fiFinnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.trBilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu (BTK)
.fjThe University of the South Pacific IT Services.ttUniversity of the West Indies Faculty of Engineering
.fkFalkland Islands Government.tvMinistry of Finance and Tourism
.fmFSM Telecommunications Corporation.twTaiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
.foFO Council.tzTanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
.frAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.).uaHostmaster Ltd.
.gaAgence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquences (ANINF).ugUganda Online Ltd.
.gbReserved Domain – IANA.ukNominet UK
.gdThe National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC).umNot assigned
.geCaucasus Online LLC.usNeuStar, Inc.
.gfNet Plus.uySeCIU – Universidad de la Republica
.ggIsland Networks Ltd..uzSingle Integrator for Creation and Support of State Information Systems UZINFOCOM
.ghNetwork Computer Systems Limited.vaHoly See – Vatican City State
.giSapphire Networks.vcMinistry of Telecommunications, Science, Technology and Industry
.glTELE Greenland A/S.veComisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL)
.gmGM-NIC.vgTelecommunications Regulatory Commission of the Virgin Islands
.gnCentre National des Sciences Halieutiques de Boussoura.viVirgin Islands Public Telecommunications System, Inc.
.gpNetworking Technologies Group.vnViet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)
.gqGETESA.vuTelecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR)
.grICS-FORTH GR.wfAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)
.gsGovernment of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI).wsGovernment of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
.gtUniversidad del Valle de Guatemala.ಭಾರತNational Internet eXchange of India
.guUniversity of Guam.한국KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
.gwAutoridade Reguladora Nacional – Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação da Guiné-Bissau.ଭାରତNational Internet eXchange of India
.gyUniversity of Guyana.ভাৰতNational Internet eXchange of India
.hkHong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd..ভারতNational Internet Exchange of India
.hmHM Domain Registry.বাংলাPosts and Telecommunications Division
.hnRed de Desarrollo Sostenible Honduras.қазAssociation of IT Companies of Kazakhstan
.hrCARNet – Croatian Academic and Research Network.србSerbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS)
.htConsortium FDS/RDDH.бгImena.BG AD
.huCouncil of Hungarian Internet Providers (CHIP).белReliable Software, Ltd.
.idPerkumpulan Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia (PANDI).சிங்கப்பூர்Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd
.ieUniversity College Dublin Computing Services Computer Centre.мкдMacedonian Academic Research Network Skopje
.ilInternet Society of Israel.еюEURid vzw/asbl
.imIsle of Man Government.中国China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
.inNational Internet Exchange of India.中國China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
.ioInternet Computer Bureau Limited.భారత్National Internet Exchange of India
.iqCommunications and Media Commission (CMC).ලංකාLK Domain Registry
.irInstitute for Research in Fundamental Sciences.ભારતNational Internet Exchange of India
.isISNIC – Internet Iceland ltd..भारतम्National Internet eXchange of India
.itIIT – CNR.भारतNational Internet Exchange of India
.jeIsland Networks (Jersey) Ltd..भारोतNational Internet eXchange of India
.jmUniversity of West Indies.укрUkrainian Network Information Centre (UANIC), Inc.
.joNational Information Technology Center (NITC).香港Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd.
.jpJapan Registry Services Co., Ltd..台湾Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
.keKenya Network Information Center (KeNIC).台灣Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
.kgAsiaInfo Telecommunication Enterprise.монDatacom Co.,Ltd
.khTelecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)‏.الجزائر‎CERIST
.kiMinistry of Communications, Transport, and Tourism Development‏.عمان‎Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
.kmComores Telecom‏.ایران‎Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
.knMinistry of Finance, Sustainable Development Information & Technology‏.امارات‎Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)
.kpStar Joint Venture Company‏.موريتانيا‎Université de Nouakchott Al Aasriya
.krKorea Internet & Security Agency (KISA)‏.پاکستان‎National Telecommunication Corporation
.kwCommunications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority‏.الاردن‎National Information Technology Center (NITC)
.kyUtility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg)‏.بارت‎National Internet eXchange of India
.kzAssociation of IT Companies of Kazakhstan‏.بھارت‎National Internet Exchange of India
.laLao National Internet Committee (LANIC), Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications‏.المغرب‎Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)
.lbAmerican University of Beirut Computing and Networking Services‏.البحرين‎Not assigned
.lcUniversity of Puerto Rico‏.السعودية‎Communications and Information Technology Commission
.liSWITCH The Swiss Education & Research Network‏.ڀارت‎National Internet eXchange of India
.lkCouncil for Information Technology LK Domain Registrar‏.سودان‎Sudan Internet Society
.lrData Technology Solutions, Inc.‏.عراق‎Communications and Media Commission (CMC)
.lsLesotho Network Information Centre Proprietary (LSNIC)‏.مليسيا‎MYNIC Berhad
.ltKaunas University of Technology.澳門Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT)
.luRESTENA.გეInformation Technologies Development Center (ITDC)
.lvUniversity of Latvia Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science Department of Network Solutions (DNS).ไทยThai Network Information Center Foundation
.lyGeneral Post and Telecommunication Company‏.سورية‎National Agency for Network Services (NANS)
.maAgence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT).рфCoordination Center for TLD RU
.mcGouvernement de Monaco Direction des Communications Electroniques‏.تونس‎Agence Tunisienne d’Internet
.mdMoldData S.E..ລາວNot assigned
.meGovernment of Montenegro.ευEURid vzw/asbl
.mfNot assigned.ελICS-FORTH GR
.mgNIC-MG (Network Information Center Madagascar).ഭാരതംNational Internet eXchange of India
.mhOffice of the Cabinet.ਭਾਰਤNational Internet Exchange of India
.mkMacedonian Academic Research Network Skopje‏.مصر‎National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority – NTRA
.mlAgence des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication‏.قطر‎Communications Regulatory Authority
.mmMinistry of Transport and Communications.இலங்கைLK Domain Registry
.mnDatacom Co., Ltd..இந்தியாNational Internet Exchange of India
.moMacao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT).հայ“Internet Society” Non-governmental Organization
.mpSaipan Datacom, Inc..新加坡Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) Pte Ltd
.mqMEDIASERV‏.فلسطين‎Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology (MTIT)
.mrUniversité de Nouakchott Al Aasriya.yeTeleYemen
.msMNI Networks Ltd..ytAssociation Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (A.F.N.I.C.)
.mtNIC (Malta).zaZA Domain Name Authority
.muInternet Direct Ltd.zmZambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA)
.zwPostal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)  

List Of Sponsored Top Level Domains

DomainTLD Manager
.aeroSociete Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautique (SITA INC USA)
.asiaDotAsia Organisation Ltd.
.catFundacio puntCAT
.coopDotCooperation LLC
.govGeneral Services Administration
.intInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
.jobsEmploy Media LLC
.milDoD Network Information Center
.museumMuseum Domain Management Association
.postUniversal Postal Union
.telTelnames Ltd.
.travelDog Beach, LLC
.xxxICM Registry LLC

List Of Test Top Level Domains

DomainTLD Manager
.测试Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
.परीक्षाInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
.испытаниеInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
.테스트Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
‏.טעסט‎Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
.測試Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
‏.آزمایشی‎Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
.பரிட்சைInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
.δοκιμήInternet Assigned Numbers Authority
‏.إختبار‎Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
.テストInternet Assigned Numbers Authority

I hope will this article you are going to give another look at the domain name and the websites that you visit.

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