Going home for few days

by Shaan Chopra

Going home, let the bus journey begin. It is been a while since I did the traditional bus service. My afternoon ticket was cancelled at the last minute and the reason given by the bus operator is I am the only one who booked. So, they converted my afternoon journey into an overnight journey.

The buses that they used to be in old-time are not the same most of the operators have upgraded to hi-tech buses now. The funny thing is nothing works on these buses. They have LCD installed but don’t work, they have mobile charging port but no charge in them. The only thing that comes true is a bottle of water as the ticket promised.

I am going home after a long time now, hope to see some changes there. I don’t expect much it is a town which has a total population of 76492 as of the year 2011. It is mostly dominated by agriculture and there is clean air for sure. Sometimes it gives a cultural shock but for a change, it’s nice to feel nostalgic. It is almost time to pack the last of the bag and this laptop. I don’t expect myself to work there much but….

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