Life Is Better At The Beach

by Shaan Chopra

Life is better at the beach. The summers are here and this picture call for a beach tour. Sea is an immediate stress reliever. Hearing to the waves crash on the shore, breathing the salty air and feeling the oceanic breeze. A simple fact is life is better at the beach. A beach has absolutely nothing as matter of fact it’s just sand, saltwater and wind and still, we love it.

It is next to impossible to get bored on the seashore. One of my favourite pass times is to walk on the shoreline. Every moment one spends on the beach it stays with you forever that is why life is better at the beach. This picture is just amazing with one single getaway boat to paradise. It takes absolutely nothing for this adventure just a bag pack.

Some people like hills some like beach, I more of a beach person. I don’t need a lot when at the beach just a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and some music. Looking at the picture the excitement doubles for a visit. Far away from the concrete jungle to the space of endless possibilities. Let me walk on the fine sand just because life is better at the beach.

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