Traditional Cameras and Cell Phones

by Shaan Chopra

Earlier they were two very different gadgets Traditional Cameras and Cell Phones. The new breed has just mixed up everything in a single instrument. Will the mobile cell phone industry be crushing the traditional camera industry? There is a huge debate along the lines of what will happen. Nowadays we have a mobile with the capability of clicking 48 MP pictures, which is much higher than the entry DSLRs. So, what will be the outcome will the industry see buyouts and merges between the two?

Sony merged all its business into one single division earlier in March 2019. Now, only Sony and Samsung are two known companies which are in the business of mobiles and traditional cameras. Do they have an edge over Nikon and Canon? On the business front, there is a famous saying that “Innovation and Marketing are the only two functions rest all is cost by Peter Drucker”.

We have already seen the downfall of Kodak due to a lack of innovation. Another way of putting things is the shrinking of market share due to the entry of new companies. If we keep getting newer mobile in the market that has the capacity and capability to shoot pictures better than the traditional cameras oh boy. The camera industries have to take a lot of steps to keep itself afloat in the market. Anyways, what is your thinking on this topic would love to see them in the below comment section.

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