Adding Photo Color Filter to A Len

by Shaan Chopra

A Color filter is an accessory that attaches itself to the front of a camera lens and alters the image. We all love to add filters to our pictures and the term image filter is self-explanatory. These filters give to that added colors in an image. Photography is an expensive hobby; with all the equipment we keep buying. There are many filters available in the market and these were my first color filter.

When buying a color filter you should know the lens size of your camera. There are my color options available from solid to half and half color. Knowing exactly which colors you are looking for will be a great help. Anyways if you get in the hobby you probably will end up having all of them and would buy them on regular bases. These filters help minimize glare and reflections, enhances colors and reduce the light coming into the lens.

Adding a color filter to the camera lens is easy and just rolls up in the front. When you buy a good filter, you would get a carry case or a bag to keep them safe. If ever required clean the filter with a soft clean cloth that would remove any dirt on the filter lens. For me sometimes blue LED over the subject would not bring the true color as seen by the naked eye. Adding these filters help in color correction of the subject. They are widely available from camera retail outlets to online e-commerce shops.

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