Selfie getting yourself in the picture

by Shaan Chopra

Selfies, just another way of putting in front of a camera and yet they are getting very popular. This could soon become an industry on own. We already have started getting separate accessories particular for this type of photography. They are very famous on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Long gone are the days when we use to ask some stranger for a snap.

These type of Self-portrait images have gone viral due to front mobile device camera present now. Not just images there is video as well format called as Vlogging. Plenty of equipment is available for clicking pictures now such as selfie light, tripod, remote shutter and selfie stick.

It is not necessary that all selfies are from a mobile device. These can be clicked from a traditional camera and drone as well provided you are present in the picture. The first every selfie came out early in the year 1839. The self-portrait by Robert Cornelius and then Sony Ericsson Z1010 mobile in late 2003, introduced the concept of a front-facing camera which could be used for selfies and video calling. In the year 2013 Selfie was added in the Oxford dictionary as a word. Now they are all over the social network. Most of the mobile phones now have the function of clicking perfect self-portraits and sharing.

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