Action Camera for Everyone

by Shaan Chopra

Action Camera is for everyone now, yes for everyone as they cost only Rupees 600/- from Amazon. Here I just bought one for my daily use. It also came with a bunch of accessories as well. So, if you are just looking to try your hand on the action filming don’t spend too much on the camera try with the cheaper ones. These don’t come with a memory card until it is mentioned on site.

I would dare not compare this Action Camera with the GoPro as this just cost me almost nothing. The picture and video quality are also not that great but hey, I am able to capture what I wanted to. This camera also shoots underwater with its cover on and is super easy to operate. There is no touch screen option and not many options available.

Micro SD card once inserted in the camera it would be a bit tough to get it out. Most of the charging and data transfer happens over the USB provided with the camera. I know a lot of people would complain about the quality of pictures, but one needs to understand we did not pay the cost of DSLR. So, we should not expect too much on the quality as well.

If you happen to buy this cheap action camera, what are your views on it, is it worth a buy or not? Leave your views in the comment section.

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