Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame

by Shaan Chopra

The new Avengers Endgame movie is just amazing. But I am just a bit disappointed with the end but with the time travel in the picture, anything is possible. Well, I am not the person to watch this movie but what will happen to my favourite hero character. I know the cast can change but the character lives on like the hero in the game. The movie has amazing action, storyline and visual effects.

A bit of a spoiler, I know the next Captain America but what about Iron Man? Who is it going to be? Anyways the movie is 3 hours long, but I was glued to the seat with a big tub of popcorn and a drink in my hand. Thor in the movie was just amazing and the most exciting time was when Captain get the Hammer in his hand.

What is next Marvel Studios and how long do I have to wait for another Avengers movie. Will we have a new cast for the Iron Man. You can tell me; I am a friend of Avengers. This movie was a bit real the heroes seem much human and desperate compared to past Avengers. Now that I have seen this movie I have to wait for the next, now that what I don’t like. If you haven’t seen the movie go watch it, a great movie.

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