Here is not my first post and it’s not web personal!!!

by Shaan Chopra


This is not my first post, but this is my personal web zone. You are welcome to visit and use the information on this site as you want. I will be covering all topics which undergo my notice and I have been working on. I pretty much work on all possible things which are in the consumer internet category.

The first post doesn’t need to be long and has a personal story. They just need to be crisp as this is my first post. A few of us are super-geeks they do check the first post on a blog. There is much to be documented in the world, this is not just my personal zone. WWW is a crazy place and is undergoing some changes just like the world’s climate. I hope you got the idea, of which webspace is this site in.

Do you love music? Well, I do and while posting, most times music is in the high zone. Here is a web link to what is currently playing in my mind don’t worry it is free to play and listen to and even download Up Above by Pyrosion.


On the personal front, I would say the freeware zone is much cooler than the premium ones, for a very simple fact freeware comes from the heart and premium from pockets. I use a lot of freeware day in and day out. Some freeware has mind-blowing functionality, the web is a crazy place. Some of the freeware is so good that they remain with you for life i.e Google, WordPress, Firefox, GIMP and many more. Actually, they found a way to be free and still make money.

So tag along in this wonderful journey. This is not my first post because in the past I have been posting a lot on other social networks and I also own and post on which is all about marine aquariums and reef life.

I hope you like the not first post and visit again for more personal experience up close on various other zone topics.

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