SPAM Will Kill Me One Day

by Shaan Chopra

I have 789 SPAM SMS and 597 emails unread over and above I get at least 3 to 4 calls every day. Hey, I am not interested in a loan or a credit card or a house. Same companies keep calling, keep sending emails. Sir, would you be interested in a home loan, like to have a credit card. What is wrong with them I just don’t understand. I know they have a huge workforce. still, why do they want to waste time selling something that I have already refused earlier.

The most important part is due to this SPAM, I miss out on important calls and msgs. Of course, DND doesn’t work at all its shame on the system. How can our data be safe when Government‘s DND is out. A lot of times the SPAM call that I get are fake as in they are scams. They just call them self representatives and want to know your card details.

I think the government should ban the selling of multiple sim cards, and if one number is reported as SPAM by 10 to 20 people it should be blocked. The person owning the sim card should not be allowed another number, till they clarify about the issue. The only way out I see is to start punishing people only then this will stop. I know, I am being a bit extreme but I really want this shady business to stop.

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