I am a Web Domain Freak!!!

by Shaan Chopra

Well, I am a Web Domain Freak and have been buying and selling web domains for some time now. As a result, I now have 11 domains excluding this one. Most of the domains I currently have are mentioned below. Some of these domains are offline and ready for use for any purpose. If you are interested in any below domains contact me and we will find a solution;

  1.  filmvilla.com
  2. dnp.xyz
  3. eyr.xyz
  4. imq.in
  5. marinehobby.com

Web-domain is an integral part of the web space as they are the identity of the data that you have to project. Well for a technical guy IP address is what is the identity of a website but for us, it is the name as we humans simply can not remember the ips for all different websites.

There are tons of host providers where the domains can be hosted i.e GoDaddy, BlueHost or HostGator they all offer different features compared with each other, and all of them have pros and cons, I will cover the hosting providers in some other post due to it being a different category. A new domain is easy to buy from any of the providers. It is just about spending a few more bucks for a personal webspace as that would enable you to create your own online presence. Hence go ahead and become a domain investor this is the next big thing in the online internet space. You can contact me via contact me form.

So, let me know what you think of me when you see so many domains, Am I a Web Domain Freak?

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