Last year end with a bang and 2019 just started

by Shaan Chopra

Well last year for me ended with a bang, lost my car. Yea it got stolen and all this happened right below my place. Really never thought this could have happened. Anyhow always be careful, what every car companies say about top-notch security system there will always be a hack. Keep your insurance up to date and take all necessary precautions and if it still has to happen it will.

Run to the nearest police station and get your complaint registered so that your name doesn’t get involved in any wrongdoings. Crying over split milk would also have no solution to it. Time stops for no one so wishing you all a happy new 2019. Enjoy what you have in your life right now. So, Last year was a bang hopefully this year will be good. Been working on all the sites and posts which will be the clear winner.

2018 goes away and 2019 is here, this happens all year. The most important thing here we need to understand is time runs faster than Mr. bolt. Use the time we have as it’s not going to come back ever. So, in 2019 I stated that would write more and more till it fails and it is OK to fail.

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