Time Taken to Start a Personal Website or a Blog

by Shaan Chopra

Usually, people say it takes time to start a personal website or a blog. Let me correct this, time taken to start a such a thing should be less than 72-hours with the content on it. If you are taking longer than this time you have not thought about the idea at all. Starting a website is so much fun and anyone can do that, but most things fail in 48-hours.

We think about a niche site, buy a domain, then we decorate it and start adding the first post then the second, all this happens in one day. The Problem comes from the second day when you run out of ideas for the third and the forth post. Now what? Well, a good plan is to think before you start the whole process. You should have content for 48 hours that would be at least 7 posts. Once you get to that you will automatically start adding on. Once you reach your 10 posts you already know you have made an effort and you would keep doing that. Creating long content is the most difficult job it not like a two-liner or a photo you post on a social network.

I too have failed so many times, started a site serverbay.xyz it did not pass the 48-hour mark. I just had one single post on it and eventually had to remove it. It is ok to fail, but you will rise strongly once you know where what happens. I also started MarineHobby which is about pass the 72-hour mark. I had this domain for almost a year before I got started. So, take your time and pass the 72-hour mark.

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