Shutter Speed, How and What I Understand

by Shaan Chopra

Understanding Shutter Speed is very important when starting in the hobby. Like me, there are many enthusiasts who want to get in the line to understand what it means. When one is starting in the hobby there are these unexplained gorgons that people or aged guys keep talking about. Eventually, we too do the same not knowing what it is as we only know what it does. Let’s dive in understanding what shutter and speed mean in the real world.

What is a Shutter?

It is a small device that is present in most of the cameras. Shutter is something like a garage shutter. It allows light to pass and hit the sensor and take a picture. Bigger the shutter more the time and small the shutter less the time to close completely.

What is Speed?

It is the time that we set on the camera. How long do you want the garage door to open and close? speeds are spoken in terms seconds, 1/10 is longer and 1/1000 is smaller.

What is Shutter Speed?

If we combine both the terms together it means how fast do, we want to open and close the garage shutter.

How Shutter Speed Effect Pictures?

If the garage shutter is opened for a longer period, the movement of the subject will be captured and if the shutter speed is smaller even the subject is moving the picture will show that it is standing. Let’s take and example of a waterfall, if the speed is small the water in the picture will be like standing and longer the speed will show the water movement.

Found this video on YouTube;

Now understanding and applying shutter speed in actual world is quite different. I think if I keep on practicing on shutter speed, I would learn more. So, I do this most of the time. So, I could know when to control the shutters and what different variation in speed do to a picture. If you can help me and others learn more in the hobby, your comments will be appreciated.

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