Cheap web hosting plans and companies

by Shaan Chopra

Cheap web hosting is what we all are looking for our websites. I too was into searching for one and by far there are few companies that are offering cheap host plans. Please do remember that we can’t have everything from all over the world. We do have to compromise on a few of the aspects.

I am currently hosting with GoDaddy which is pretty good but the issue with GoDaddy is that with an unlimited host plan which is currently Rs. 269.55/- for first-time buyers and Rs. 599/- per month on renewal. That comes to be Rs. 7188/- per year which is quite expensive. They offer shared hosting with 512 RAM which is not enough for 4 websites. So started looking for a cheap web host for unlimited domains across.

There is a web of hosting companies from resellers to main host companies who have their own servers. I checked out the below cheap web hosting companies (Putting them in my categories);

Amazon Web Service, Google, Cloudways and Digital Ocean

Why have a shared hosting plan, When we can own a dedicated personal virtual server machine it costs only 5 USD in rupees which would be nearly Rs. 4500/- but here you need to be a little more technical or you should have a background in servers. They offer 1GB of RAM but space is limited to 40 GB. Which is enough for hosting a few WordPress websites? Amazon Lightsail is what I am talking about because our instance will be running 24*7 that’s come out to be more expensive in EC2. Further, I assume Google and Digital Ocean are also offering the same so did not go that side.

My only concern in VPS is workload, my main focus should be creating content rather make servers work. This has to be cheap so not thinking of hiring a service professional. More on first-time use of AWS.

Godaddy, BigRock, BlueHost, Hostgator….

Now Rs. 549/- and Rs. 479/- and Rs. 419/- a month is higher than the 4500/- per year to VPS so left the search there as it’s coming out to be more expensive. So for me, there is no major difference between BigRock, BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy pricing. Clearly, they don’t have cheap web hosting plans.

Hostripples, Hostinger, Nextraone, Hioxindia, Hostingraja, Domainindia….

Here we have too much of price variation but are cheap web hosting plans, here we come across that they are cheap but some will renew at a higher price now that’s bad. We can’t keep changing servers or pay a higher price so a few of the cheap hosting plans are out like Hostinger and Hostpapa. Some of them are also resellers but sharing is caring the prices are damn cheap from unlimited hosting starting at Rs. 2000/- Yearly

Found The Cheapest “HostBlast”

Finally came across HostBlast now this company is offering 10 GB of space and unlimited hosting for 10 USD a year which comes out to be Rs. 750/- a year. Now this company has cheap web hosting plans so bought it. It took one 2 hours to migrate and this site is being hosted on HostBlast. Now we will come to know the power and capacity as I shift to other sites soon. Will put up a review of HostBlast in another post as I get my hands on the back end.

So Rs. 750/- a year with 10 GB space and Rs. 1800/- for all unlimited HostBlast I found the cheapest If there is a cheaper one do share in the comments.

“Keeping in mind can’t have everything” Let’s host on HostBlast and check it out.

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