Cycle on the Wall Picture

by Shaan Chopra

Would you like to cycle on the road or hang the cycle on the wall? Cycle on the wall is becoming a new retro décor in the modern world. As the world population is growing so is the junk. Re-cycle or just do modern art all goes well in these times. You can not ride them but can surely admire the brain behind the reuse. More than 20+ are hanging on the wall.

Only if these could be reused for travel, they would be a great tool for mankind in reducing pollution. I wonder what was going on in the mind of the creator. What was he thinking before doing such a thing? Some pictures just speak for themselves. Soon we can expect motorcycles and cars on the wall. I just hope the wall is strong enough to handle the pressure.  

Some pictures like the Cycle on the Wall that we take are just too good to explain. I just don’t know what to say about this picture should we admire the creativity or talk about the reusability? These days we don’t need expensive cameras to click pictures like this. Our cell phone camera is powerful enough to capture something like this.

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