Documentation on GitHub via Jekyll

by Shaan Chopra

Always keep documents on what on how you function your system. That documentation should not be on your server, and should not have a custom domain. I have chosen GitHub for my documentation, I am running a Jekyll site. I am still learning the markdown way of writing, don’t need to master it but just need to make it work. Not easy to install and work with but I just need a simple site where I can put my commands and codes.

The first rule I am keeping is no secrets or passwords will be put on that site. No information will be shared that can somehow compromise my other installation. There will be no link between my VM and the sites running on them. No pictures, no beautification other than theme default assets just plain simple text. It took me two days just to understand the concept behind Jekyll. I am also looking at HUGO if that is easy to use, but I am sure it will end up the same.

I have installed bundles and unwanted software on my laptop and Jekyll has already made me do just that. I know these are not harmful applications in any manner but, just to run a site in a local machine it is a difficult task. I think this is the reason why people are not using them so often and it is a wonderful thing if you see that code and configuration part is what people don’t want to do. I think plain simple HTML and CSS would be way easy.

Now that I have it up and running let us see how it works out. Till the time I am not very comfortable It is developmental learning mode.

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