Working with HUGO

by Shaan Chopra

I was wrong about HUGO it is way easier than Jekyll. One needs to download the application from GitHub, set the path to .exe file then on the command line say “Hugo new site <name of the site>”. That is way easier than editing the whole site. This also uses the markdown way of writing, but the fun part is the hosting of the site. Just one word on the command line creates the public site that needs to be placed on the server.

This is what I am going to use for my documentation. Easy to create and write on. I have already tested the site, now I am just looking for a perfect theme. There are plenty of them on the official site. I have shortlisted a few but still reading the about theme.

HOGO has many more features but my requirement is only for documentation so I am just going to use it for that. The rules remain the same for this site as well. I was just thinking I do have a domain that is just sitting in my account, so why not use it? Let’s see how things turn out to be.

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