Testing WordPress on Nginx

by Shaan Chopra

I have always been on Apache when it comes to hosting my WordPress site. This might be because I use shared cPanel hosting. Now, I am using a VPS where I am free to use whichever server I want. I am now just testing my ground of understanding Nginx. I am also hosting a Ghost site on the same server which means Ubuntu + Nginx + Mysql + PHP + Node.js.

I am also hosting a Ghost blog on the same server with all these applications which are resource-demanding my memory according to htop is at 95%. I have stopped the performance schema on MySQL just to bring the number down to 65%. Which is a good number but If I host another site that could be a problem. So, I am looking at how to use swap memory and optimise Nginx.

With Nginx, there is no .htaccess file as well which I use for redirecting. Now I often go on searching for solutions. I wonder what will happen to plugins such as Yoast. I will be adding Yoast and UpdraftPlus just to see what happens. For now, everything looks good.

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